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Let’s talk, folks. What’s your favourite song that you simply can’t get enough of. For me, it’s the most recent work of local East-Midlands metropolitans, Easy Life. Fantastic lo-fi stereo sounds, their music is compelling, satirically-clever and beautifully made. Simply poignant in one moment and a downright poise for hilarity in another, they are fan-favourites from fanatic football city, Leicester.

Easy Life’s debut album, Life’s a Beach, is out at the end of this month.

So, you’ve heard mine -. Come on then folks.

What’s your hottest track of the day for you?

23 responses to “Let’s Talk: What’s Your Favourite Song Right Now?”

  1. Oh yeah man, I’m one step ahead of you. It’s so weird but I can’t stop watching it. The comments are gold too. Then I watched “the making of…” it’s so great. Someday I hope to write a song so cool and make a video so weird that people are like, what the actual f. 🤣

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    • Haha that’s brilliant. The style is so good and well thought for the song. I’m the same, always wanted to write something up with a video that is a major talking point among others. What do you think though: new royal blood better than old royal blood?


      • I read somewhere that Josh Homme produced that tune. Further proof that any music he touches turns to gold. Now if I could just get him to produce my record…. sadly I’m not on his speed dial.

        So that’s an interesting question. New vs old. I really like the idea of taking a chance as an already popular artist to put out work that is different and thereby artistically satisfying. Having listened through it a few times I think they accomplished that. I do like a lot of the “new” sound layered on top of the hard riffs that we all know and love. I do love all those hard driving songs from their first two records, and I like most of the new one too. So maybe that’s a long winded way of saying there’s a place for both. Each evolution of music supporting each other.

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      • Ahaha I like this answer. Pretty much nailed it on the head for me. Yeah, Homme is a musical genius. Every cross collaboration, project or side hustle he’s involved in, you know it’s going to be quality. You can definitely a sense of maturity with this new album compared to the last. I feel there’s more to it with this new sound – so I’m all for it!

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  2. Just listened to “Dead Celebrities.” Nice sound! Like Weezer and Wilco had a baby, hahaha 🙂 My favorite song right now is in Korean, but in English it would be Bruce Springsteen’s “Ghosts.” The intro to the song itself is awesome 🙂 My first time listening to Bruce Springsteen, too.

    I’ll have to check out more Easy Life. Sounds cool.

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    • Ah yeah please do! Fabulous to hear, thank you. My parents love Springsteen and rightly so. Such an emphatic musician! Criminally underrated imo. I might do the same and go through a trawl of his catalogue again .. 🤫

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  3. So I checked out Easy Life. I quite like it, even if there’s something about his vocal delivery that makes me feel very old ha ha. Current album I can’t stop listening to is The Queen is Dead by The Smiths. Old hat, I know, but its brilliance still stands 35 years on.

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    • Oh yes haha his vocal delivery is very lo-fi, kind of spoken word vocals. Oh yeah, love The Smiths. Despite what everyone says about Morrissey, his vocals are definitive and work with the sounds of The Smiths. They’re certainly one of those bands I have to be in the mood for to put on. Most of the time, it’s late at night with a good cup o’ tea. Fantastic music, all the same. True trailblazers in the Manc scene.

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    • Yeah I’ve been enjoying Twenty One Pilot’s new music recently, certainly Shy Away, hopefully the album holds up the same quality as that catchy one! And yeah, I’ve been keeping up to trend with Two Feet from your spotlight blog on them! Terrific music from the lot of ‘em.

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  4. I’ll give two songs – one song for May when the thread was started, and another for now.

    May – Dirty Honey – When you’re gone – The riff (reminds me of AC/DC), the vocals (shades of Axl Rose), and it’s full of hooks.
    Now – Damn Truth – Love is blindness (U2 cover) – It’s still my favourite song from Achtung Baby.

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