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Long gone are the days of intimate acoustics of Small Bump, and now, Sheeran is causing rather large bumps in the ripple of music consumers, as people are feeling like he’s lost himself in the glamours of fame and money with music composition.

With the release of electro-dance mish mash of Bad Habits sounding hardly like the orange-coloured popstar, people are starting to lose their way and have doubts with him. It’s certainly no surprise though. After amassing such a following worth 60 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and generating billions with one of the biggest worldwide tours ever held with his divide album in 2017, it is any surprise his sound has changed into global mainstream pop mania when it has made one of the most successful pop artists in the world?

With this said, thousands of artists become popular, mainstream global artists but still keep their original sounds, integrity and formalities, allowing them to stay grounded and more importantly, true to the music. With Sheeran speaking in interviews, his thoughts on his music and others around him – aswell as seemingly buying property in the entire Suffolk region, it seems he has certainly lost aspects of both integrity and staying grounded.

But, what are your thoughts on Ed Sheeran and his music?

Has he really lost himself to the music?

12 responses to “Has Ed Sheeran “sold his soul” to the industry?”

  1. 💜 Firstly, Very Well Rounded Treatise SupaSoulBro; secondly, a “sold…soul” is a Matter of Perspective…it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Others Leverage Talent for Their Own Personal Gain; in Summary His “Integrity” is Intact as, Privately, He Continues His Passion and Benefits Others, However Fiscally Greedy, and Especially The Fans Who Feed This Money Monster Industry that is Him and Enjoy The Popularised Music…so please Don’t BLAME!!! Him for Being Talented EveryOne; because Talent inevitably Attracts Money and Financial Predators


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    • 💜 The Classic Cash Cow; yet The Musician is Comfortable with a Different Take on Their Talent and, of course, a swollen Bank Balance that Many Envy without Remembering The Musician has NOT!!! Forgotten Their Poverty Stricken Beginnings


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      • Yeah, this is true. We don’t see him as “one of us” anymore, starting out in the industry, creating heartfelt acoustic music that we could all relate to. It seems after all what’s happened to him, it may very well be envy that we feel after his money earnings and purchasing of property. Because if we had that amount, wouldn’t we do the same? It’s a fantastic and fortunate story for someone who had such a difficult beginning in his life, and maybe we should cherish that more, rather than squash it.

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    • Yeah, yeah – that’s certainly true; you’re not wrong here. Some valid points for sure, it’s worth noting that he may does have his passion still, it is just in small drips after being involved in the monster music industry.

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  2. I’ve long had a generally positive opinion of Ed Sheeran, like his music well enough – especially his early songs – and don’t decry his success and fame. That said, it’s a bit startling to see he’s purchased so many expensive properties, and increasingly veered into electropop, though I’m certain he’s not the first, nor will he be the last, to do so.

    I think that perhaps the dichotomy between our initial image of him as a shy, unprepossessing young singer-songwriter of sweet, folkish songs and the fabulously wealthy superstar he’s become, do cause many considerable pause, if not outright heartburn. Few complained about Prince, Mariah Carey, George Michael, and many others when they turned into wealthy superstars living on sprawling estates, so it’s a bit hypocritical to call Ed out for that.

    I’ve not heard any of his recent interviews, but if he’s turned into a bit of a self-absorbed wanker, then that’s disappointing to me.

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    • 💜 Great Comment, I Agree and I’d like to THINK!!! that Ed is a Lot Smarter than a “self absorbed wanker” EveryOne; there ARE Plenty of Other Reluctant Rich Musicians who put Their Wealth to Amazing Use…so how about this; how about Let’s Give Mr Sheeran a Chance and Let Time Judge Him 🤔 ?

      … 💛💚💙…

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    • Some good thoughts here, Jeff. I think you’re right. We related to him more when he was that shy, soft ginger musician with heartfelt acoustics, then we do now. As you said, we do often pause and complain that they’ve “lost themselves.” But, as my good friend below pointed out, maybe the passion is still there for the music, and we’re so just hung up about what he does with his money and how rich he is. It’s certainly brought a whole perspective on this for me about Ed Sheeran, that’s for sure. I think I’ll cherish the fantastic journey he’s been on as singer-songwriter, rather than squash it into the ground. He’s one of the biggest pop stars on the planet – AND HE’S BRITISH!!!

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  3. 💜 …and May SHE!!! Rest in Peace (R.I.P), Let’s NOT!!! Forget Whitney; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that HER!!! Crowning Legacy is “I Believe The Children ARE Our Future, Let Them Live and Lead The Way, Because The Greatest Love of ALL is The Love InSide of Us…” ~ ‘The Greatest Love’ probably got the lyrics slightly wrong; but The Essence of The Message is THERE!!! In Clear Sight


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