Knebworth 1996 to 2022: 26 years on..


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This weekend not only marked the Queen’s inaugural celebration of 70 years on the throne, but it also marked the start of live music this summer and of course, Liam Gallagher’s fateful return to Knebworth after 26 years from their era-defining 1996 performance … all alongside his brother Noel with Oasis.

//Now 26 years later on his own, it feels like nothing has even changed. Ageing like a fine wine, Liam has stayed consistent and relevant with his solo wall of sound.//

//What’s the Story? (Morning Glory): 100,000 capacity. A sold out occasion. Hungry, festered 90s kids who simply weren’t old enough to be around in ‘96, got to live their inner Brit-pop all over again this weekend. Known for putting on hard-edged, no nonsense rock ‘n’ roll gigs to fit his camaraderie and swagger, Gallagher certainly didn’t hold back for this one. Perhaps one of his most important performances to date since his resurgence as a solo artist back in 2017 – it all feels like it’s all led up to this. A reunion for the ages. Sold out crowds belting stellar Oasis records and Liam’s equally respectable solo work as the sunset set over the foothills of Hertfordshire.

Frankly, this felt like it was the best interpretation of the Oasis catalogue since the Be Here Now tour of 1997 – which pretty much tells you all you need to know where this momentous gig stands – and will stand – for the test of time. With the mix working perfectly for Liam’s voice avoiding strain, the set list hit home with the classics.

It started off with the outlandish intro of F*ckin in the Bushes (which was a jet-washing staple from Oasis in Knebworth 1996) to Hello, Roll It Over and Champagne Supernova whilst Everything’s Electric and Why Me? Why Not were interjected in there from his own catalogue.

A lot of critics and wrongful nobodies marked off Liam – but were equally surprised that he had managed to sell out to such a capacity as he did. But really, it shouldn’t be a surprise at this point. Whether you like it or not – or aren’t a particular fan of his singing – Liam Gallagher is an indisputable icon for British music. Simply put, he’s a rock ‘n’ roll star.

You can read my review on his new latest album, “C’MON YOU KNOW” HERE.

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