Music Minds Matter: Help Musicians Launch New Mental Health Platform


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//We’re thinking about the future, and we need you too.\\

Our deteriorating mental health and post-lockdown pressure when it came to functioning within a non-functioning music industry was no old news. The pandemic festered up thoughts that we never thought would come into our daily livelihoods.

In support of Mental Awareness Week, a new website service is in operation to support exactly those in need of such matters. From monetary depression to performance anxiety coming back into the fold, you can find out all you need here via Music Minds Matter:

Detriments to our once-beloved industry sparked musicians seeking counsel through the Music Minds Matter service – a service that increased by 94.4% in 2021 during the same period in 2020. Common concerns began to spruce up from the evident industry uncertainty, capital losses financially and discussions about leaving the profession altogether.

“Music and musicians bring us all enormous joy but as these numbers show, mental health needs within the music industry are continuing to rise. Music Minds Matter Explore has been launched to provide all those working in the sector with a new and additional form of help – adding to the range of services Help Musicians offers in this area.”

– Joe Hastings, Head of Music Minds Matter.

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