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Music and memories is the interwoven quilt of our mind. Do you ever just hear a snippet of a song and it just sends you right back to a moment? For instance, hearing “The Killers, Somebody Told Me,” plummets me right back to being in the passenger seat of my parents car, on the way through the Lancashire hills before we embarked upon Pendle Hill on a freezing cold Autumn’s day.

My question to you lovely folks is … what’s your song and what’s the memory!

16 responses to “Let’s talk: What song provokes a memory? Any memory, big or small! I’d love to know…”

  1. “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls reminds me of a very specific and special time in my teens 🙂 Even the very beginning notes evoke memories of watching City of Angels in theaters, walking around the mall, dreaming of the future. It’s a bittersweet feeling 😌

    And that’s a lovely memory for you! It’s very sweet that it makes you think of times spent with your parents ❤️

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    • Awh that’s a fantastic memory! I love love that song, it has so many memories attached to it, that’s for sure! Perfect bittersweet moment in music is always one to treasure and hold. Thank you for your words tonight (or morning/evening!) ..

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  2. Little Black Submarines by the Black Keys. I found that song at a very strange moment in my life, and every time I hear it or play it live I’m reminded of those times. Im glad they’re over but I’m also so glad I found that song when I did.

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    • Ah that’s nice to hear. Yeah, sometimes some of our most cherished songs come at a time when we least expect them to. It’s nice to see you are on the other side of that weird transition in your life and you’re on the other side of it! Only way is up from here 🙌✔️

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  3. 💜 ALL of German Group Alphaville; musical poetry in motion and The Male Lead Singer has a Female Name…so I Guess it’s The Perfect Fusion of Divine Feminine and Masculine; his (or hers) name is Marianne Gold


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  4. Ah, I adore “Somebody Told Me” so much!

    Given the very long life I’ve lived, and the huge bank of memories that have built up over more than six decades on this earth, there are countless songs that bring back moments or events. An early memory for me is the Mamas & Papas song “California Dreamin’”, which is one of my top 5 favorite songs of all time. I was 11 years old when it came out, and I vividly remember hearing it on the car radio as I rode with my parents and younger sister from our home in Santa Clara, California (in what is now the Silicon Valley) toward San Francisco on a cold, rainy February day to see the Chinese New Year festivities. Whenever I hear that song, I recall that day.

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    • Oh wow what a powerful memory here, Jeff. Love this! Travelling through California to San Francisco for a New Year festive is always a worthy occasion to remember – the memory of music used here makes it even better! There’s nothing better than taking a trip down memory lane merely via a song, I think it’s a seriously underrated and great thing that we can have and remember. Thanks for stopping by!

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  5. One of my earliest memories, I think I was about 3 or 4 was riding with my dad in his truck and both of us singing ‘We built this city on Rock and Roll’ by Starship. He worked with cranes on big buildings and I literally thought that he built the city haha! it’s still a great song and it still gives me a happy, energized feeling to hear it now 😁

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    • oh that’s wondrous haha – what a beautiful memory. And what a fitting song to your dad’s working role in the city haha. He really did build the city, huh? Out of curiosity, what city was it?


      • Oh wow, I’d love to take a trip to the land down under one day. Avid goal of mine! Maybe not the outbacks where everything kills you but in the beautiful built-up civilised cityscapes, hopefully next year when it all goes back to normal again! I have to say your Prime Minister has handled this pandemic amazingly well. Superior above all the rest and we should’ve followed her!


      • It would be an amazing adventure to come here for sure. Don’t worry too much about creepy crawlies in Australia, at least in Melbourne where it’s colder you rarely get to see snakes or spiders. Out in the bush and also further north where it’s tropical they are common. If you do come to Melbourne it would be great to show you around to some cool live music places and also nice cafes and bars. I think you would like it here, it’s a real hive for musicians. Before covid it was possible to go out every night of the week and see a live gig of every genre of music imaginable.

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      • Oh wow; that’s quite the impressive spectacle! Yeah I’ve heard how well the music scenes are over in Melbourne, Australia. One day, my friend! One day! I’d love to see it.

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  6. BTW my bf and I were living in NZ but we moved a month ago to Australia where my family is. In New Zealand they have a female PM whom everyone loves, Jacinda….she is ok but she sort of failed locals there with her inaction on housing, it is very expensive there to live. In Australia they have a right wing PM and it’s all a bit gross and I’ve sort of opted out of hearing about his antics. Politics in general is a misery-fest I try and avoid it. Back to Melbourne….you will really like it I think

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    • haha I certainly appreciate a little insight into other world politics about it all! Yes, yes, yes! Melbourne is ON THE LIST. I’ll have to somehow persuade my missus because she’s not particularly a fan of Australia hahaha

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