music in review. music in discussions.

Writing, talking, discussing or .. arguing about music. It’s my go-to conversation starter, my avid favourite talking point about a person and their personality. It immediately tells me a lot about a person dependant on what music they like. Which may be very shallow of me to put on a person, but music is a defining characteristic to a persons’ identity for me. I really enjoy the passionate displays of people hating on a particular genre, a particular story or attitude towards the industry and is captivating to hear a rant on anything music. Especially when you know that they’re serious and their heart is in it. Blogging about music is my little escape from it all and gives me a fantastic platform to release my thoughts, opinions and views on albums, playlists, stories, news and adventures in the music world. And I know I’m not the only one. There’s hundreds of creatives on here who feel exactly the same. Whether they’re avid musicians themselves, or complex journalists willing to escape their current field, the topic of music is a topic everyone can get on board with. Because everyone can listen to music, and have a validated opinion – just for listening and being a fan of some sorts. Before I met my current girlfriend, liking the same music as me was the be-all and end-all, it was simply the defining characteristic for me, because I knew that that would shape our whole conversations, based off gigs, festivals and favourite music artists. Luckily, my girlfriend has favourite genres and festivals that match mine, so it was certainly comfortable during our first couple of meetings with one another. So, if you want some advice from me, save your thoughts on music you like, write them down, and share them with others just. like. you!

7 responses to “Why do we love writing about music?”

  1. I’ve found that my blog has evolved (or devolved if you like) into writing more about music than other topics. I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a music reviewer but I’ve been enjoying talking about music that makes an impression on me. Who knows, maybe someone will read it and go listen to something they hadn’t considered before.


  2. It was my love of music – and talking about it – that got me into blogging to begin with, albeit pretty late in life for me, at least compared to many other bloggers like you Alex who are only in their 20s. Actually, it was at the suggestion of a friend who saw my frustration over the lack of interest among my Facebook friends to my music posts.

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    • Ah that’s fantastic to hear haha! It’s nice to see that we kind of did the blogging for the same purpose, seemingly getting our frustrations heard. Well, it’s certainly better late than never, that’s what I always say. And may I add, your music blogging is the well-needed respite within the industry, my friend! Age is just a number, after all right?

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