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Hey folks. Whether you were immersed in the magnificence of Netflix’s special production of Tick, Tick … Boom! or merely enjoyed the presence of Adele’s sultry voice again in your ears, I do hope you had a pleasant – and somewhat relaxing – weekend.

This Sunday, I thought I would jump on here for a brief moment to give a shout-out to those buskers making walks through town that bit more beautiful this Christmas. Whether it be a beautiful rendition of Silent Night on a violin, a holistic choir collective or simply the indie favourites of Britpop bought to life once again, I wish for you to stop and bask in the music right there in that moment. Far too many of us seem frustratingly busy to stop for a mere 30 seconds, listen and move on. Of course, there’s always the bulk of loose change in your pockets, too … Whatever you think of those buskers, they are a key component in the bustling life of towns, cities and villages – and have been for years. Especially at a time of giving and appreciating those to us, send some love over to one of those buskers you see everyday on your way home from work. Plus, have you ever tried to strum nylon strings, or attempted to sing acappella in the freezing cold? No me neither, but I wouldn’t want to try it.

Do what you can for this Winters’ season, folks. For the love of music, have a crackin’ Christmas.

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