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Let’s Talk: Are Women Underrepresented in Music?

A study of “800 songs from 2012- 2019” finds that less than 23% of artists and 2% of producers are women …

With it being International Women’s Day yesterday, I decided to hop on and be late to a topic of conversation again.

A recent study has shown the bleak reality of active women in the popular music industry. With only 23% out of the 800 songs noted as being women artists, and with the industry still being dominated by their male counterparts – will this ever change for the better or remain for the worse?

It is great to note the importance of ethnic and gender diversity in the music industry, and this great divide is no different. Whilst this study reveals the history of the industry and why there are days to support such feats from women (even though it should be a yearly thing) in such industries, why is it so dominated with men? It’s time to consider these questions and get back to me.

Are men more musically adept at music than women? Is that why there are more of them? Or are they more likely to succeed in an industry where there is no push-back for men – as opposed to women? Is the lack of women causing less and less women to stand up and take seemingly “male-led” roles? Or are the women that have pushed into the industry, the stronger few? Whatever happens, these boundaries need to broken, the stereotypes shed and equality needs to be shared for the sake of music.

I certainly think the mantra surrounding the music industry and how overpowering the male consistency is throughout, shows a further unwillingness for women to start a career in music and venture forth into other like-minded roles like producers and label managers. And the conceived individuals who believe anything different, only make it worse.

Those who have been successful, are merely the stronger few. It is a sombre story to tell but with more awareness being raised for this concern, I really do hope the tides will turn for women in the music industry. Time will tell, I suppose.

Let me know your thoughts below.


Delve into the importance of a women’s role in the industry below:

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12 replies on “Let’s Talk: Are Women Underrepresented in Music?”

Interesting to see a study on this. I might have overestimated the number of women in music because of my personal tastes. Since one of my favorite ways to experience music is through karaoke, and since, as a woman, female vocalists are much easier for me to warble, female artists are overrepresented in my personal playlist. Fascinating to see a study showing that this is not the case.

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This is really well written. The women who are in the music industry are so strong that I think I forget that there aren’t very many of them. Thank you for giving me something to give more thought to.

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Ah bless you! That is very kind, thank you so much.
I always make sure to drop by your work whenever I need cheering up with some pearls of wisdom, so thank YOU for that.

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Great post and analysis! Unfortunately the music scene is just a reflection of society. Women are ubderrepresented in most areas. When they are presented, there always seems to be extra rules for them too. Sad but unfortunately it’s still a very male dominated world.

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Yeah you’re absolutely right with these extra rules. It’s an interesting insight into it – they seemingly have to work harder for a “man’s position” than a man normally would. The stigma is horrendous. (also, anyone feel like International Women’s Day should be an all year round thing?)

As ever, thanks for stopping by!!

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