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This discussion was influenced by a favourite thread post of mine. First raised on this day in 2004 by user banonbush via, it was noted on that very day that it was a thread that simply wouldn’t get old with time … and he was right.

Whether there is a subtle discrepancy between ‘downloaded’ and ‘streamed’, this topic has remained a viable discussion to this day from tapes to vinyls to CDs .. then back to vinyls and then finally to streaming of todays’ generation.

I think the last album I listened to for the full length was Twenty One Pilots’ Vessel. Such a hideously underrated album of theirs, that is just so poignant and expressive with their Tyler’s lyricism.

So so so good. What’s yours?

10 responses to “What was the last album you bought, downloaded or listened to?”

  1. Ghost’s Impera. It’s chock full of hooks. The instrumental introduction reminds me of Metallica’s Battery. The day before I got that one, I got the score/soundtrack for the movie First Blood.

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    • Oh what a corker! Love love anything Ghost, and that new album of theirs is the one that’s on repeat for me this week when I get a chance. Oh yeah, love a bit of Rambo, eh? Such a thrilling soundtrack, a worthy choice my friend. Commendable two choices for this week Andrew, I have to say. I’ll be sure to remind myself to dive back into Infestissumam. – ultra favourite of mine from theirs.


  2. I love “Vessel”, which I discovered after falling in love with twenty one pilots and their masterpiece “Blurryface”.

    Last physical album I bought, in the form of a CD: “Long Lost” by Lord Huron
    Last album I digitally downloaded: “First Ten (2012-2022)” by Unquiet Nights
    Last album I listened to: “Hide” by Irish artist Brí

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