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As we draw closer to the anticipation of the summer and the return for live music potentially to our shores, let’s talk.

Question for today: What is the PERFECT Summer music anthem to you?

What song brings you the most uplifting joy during the season of sun?

As flowers bloom, and pollen counts rise, what else rises within you when listening to a certain song?

What song makes you feel like you’re in the midst of summer – even when you’re not?

For myself, it is a hot mix-up between playing with past bands at little local and nestled music festivals covering Oasis songs in front of the breaking-hot sun to an audience of about 30 or 40 of my most dearest and cherished friends of mine. All relationships once gathered, now all lost.

But regardless, those memories are simply too precious to forget and will stay with me forever – whether or not I venture further into the music industry with stronger professional standards. Next in line would have to be Leeds Festival dating back to August in 2016, I believe, if memory serves me correct. There is nothing so simple than hiking your gear in your friends’ atrociously small car, driving across half a country to stew a piss-up in a festival fuelled with anthems, angst and anarchy.

Unfortunately, I have no photographs to show this madness because I couldn’t dare risk bringing out anything more than the price of a festival burger, but I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Still,nothing quite like it, eh?


Now … whether it be on the fields of Somerset for Glastonbury Festival here in the UK, or one of the largest music festivals in Europe via the Sziget Festival in Budapest or – even simply an electronic anthem you reside with while relaxing at your local park; let me know!

12 responses to “Let’s Talk: What is the PERFECT Summer music anthem to you?”

  1. For a while back there I would have said Glasto 90-00: a game changer! The first EOTR was special; one summer I cut a Swedish woman’s hair and she said that she was remortgaging her house to start a music festival, which sounded cool, but unachievable. “Good luck with that.” When spring came around she gave me two tickets for the first one the following September (kind of end of summer I suppose). After the enormity of Glastonbury being in a couple of fields with 5000 and dozens of peacocks and woodlands watching British Sea Power as the sun went down was a breeze.

    Ooh, speaking of breezes…The Isley Brothers’ Summer Breeze is always a beer garden hit: the solo is the sound of sunlight on glass. As is Bran Van 3000s Drinking In LA. Ooh, er, Brown Sugar, Pavement’s Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain seems very summery to me.
    Ah, summertime…

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    • Wow, what a fantastic story, Nick! I’d love to hear more from that one, sounds intriguing 🤔🤔 — for a lot of us Brits, I feel like Glastonbury festival is the strongest epitome of Summer .. oh cool, I’ve also always wanted to the Summer Breeze, maybe next year? 🗣✔️

      We’ll see …

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