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Evening, folks! With live music firmly locked on the road map with plans in place for a summer of festivals, gigs and events rife with the beauties of music, let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

If you can remember that far back, I want to hear about your first live music memories at a gig, festival or event that either got you hooked forever or you found a new profound respect for the art. Either all, I’m fond to hear about you and your stories!

For me, it has to be the glorious state of local music festivals in a field. More specifically, the majesty of Glastonbudget in 2015.

Not heard of it? I’m not surprised.

Pitched in the centric fields of Leicestershire – and aptly named as the biggest tribute festival in the UK – it features a plethora of glorious bands who play classic covers of the classic bands they are attempting to pose as – and all this for more than half the price than its glorious counterpart in Somerset. Of course, you do lose half the glitz and glamour of course, but as a local festival, I have fond memories of playing for the first time in a music festival with the local band I was with. A class set of friends and family that seemed inseparable at the time. I also have fond memories of the weekend with romantics and inevitable heartbreak. This festival alone, and for what it stood for, made me who I am to this day, I’m sure of it. It shaped my vision in the music industry, altered my perception of working cohesively with one another in a band, and most importantly, gave me that much-needed advice on girls – and what girls to avoid.

I kid of course, with that last segment, but the majority is true, that much is certain.

So, with that said, what are your fond memories of your first live music experience? Bitter-sweet or emphatically disastrous … I’m intrigued to find out …

So, let’s talk.

11 responses to “Let’s Talk: What’s your First Live Music Gig Memory … and who was playing?”

  1. That sounds like a really good time ๐Ÿ™‚ My first few were me being a sheltered girl, accepting concert invitations, not knowing the bands and not knowing that the guy that invited me was trying to date me ๐Ÿ˜† Oops! That was a wasted Metallica ticket!

    My first *memorable* one was Radiohead around 2008. By then I had been obsessed with their music since 1997 (I’m an oldie) and they sounded PERFECT live!

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    • haha that’s fantastic! It’s good you still got to see Metallica from that, though! Oh wow, yeah Radiohead are certainly a memorable live band to watch and a tough act to follow that’s for sure! I bet my memory from 2015, seems so close compared to the plethora you have in your closet haha! I’m only 22, after all … thanks for stopping by!

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  2. First concert was Prince… But I don’t think that’s what you meant by gig…
    Honestly I fell hard for live gigs because of small venues, and the mood they induced… Couldn’t tell you who was playing in those early days. But man, nothing better than a smokey, intimate, loud, show at 1st Ave or the Turf Club here in Minnesota. In your face performances, oozing energy from 4 feet away.

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    • Yeah the small, intricate gigs are the best. Knowing youโ€™re practically on stage with them, itโ€™s a mighty mighty feeling. Wow, thatโ€™s really made me miss them over the past year or so. I donโ€™t know what the plans are in America but here in the UK, we are planning to reintroduce live events and music back in the summer around July/August time, so hopefully we can get back to those local in-your-face performances in no time. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your words .. โ˜๏ธโ˜๏ธ๐Ÿ™Œ

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  3. As I’m likely older than your parents, the very first concert I saw, at the tender age of 17, was Creedence Clearwater Revival, with fellow Oakland band Tower of Power opening, at the Oakland Coliseum. Three years later, I saw Elton John at the same venue.

    Fun fact: My younger sister won the tickets to both concerts from a San Francisco radio station, so we only had to pay for parking!

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  4. ok my first live was so memorable i cant remember it ๐Ÿ™‚ i was 15 it was very hot it was glastonbury, it was a fiver to get in ๐Ÿ™‚ yup i am that old ๐Ÿ™‚ i remember we whinged cos we missed the year before and it was the last free year and a fiver was well you know…two of us hid in the boot of the car to get in, i ambled through a field found the stage and thats about it ๐Ÿ™‚ after that the weekend evaporated in music and sunshine ๐Ÿ™‚ have a truly excellent day, respect

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    • Ah love those classic Glastonbury tales of diving over the wall, or bumbling in a carโ€™s boot haha. Thatโ€™s great! Worthy music memory to cherish, especially with the giant of Glastonbury. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

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  5. First concert: Elton John, with Quarterflash opening, very early 80s. He was fantastic and he sang for over three hours. It wasn’t that long after John Lennon had been killed, and he was in a mood to just get everyone back to a happy place. He succeeded…

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