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Whilst we talk about the magic of the music industry, it’s also important to dwell on other circumstances that are brought up in the daily routines of our lives. So whether it’s positive or negative thoughts, what’s on your mind right now?

I’m intrigued to find how where people are in the world and how they’re coping. Let’s get a lovely discussion flowing and we’ll show each other the amazing support that we all deserve!

14 responses to “Let’s Talk: What’s on your mind?”

  1. 💜 People Concerned about ‘CopyRight’ like ReBlogging Their Stuff with Full Credit; whether I Agree or DisAgree


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  2. Not much on my mind at the moment, other than not wanting to go to work this morning, as well as thinking about the two albums, one EP and two singles I’ve agreed to review in the next two weeks, none of which I’m terribly excited about.

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    • ah I feel THAT, my friend! I’d love to land me a job I actually enjoy waking up to do every morning. Yeah, I’ve started to kind of zone out doing reviews where they’ve asked me to do it beforehand. It kind of ruins the fun of it all, especially if I’m staying true to myself and just reviewing for the positivity of such a release. Either way, I commend your hard-working spirit and passion for the love of local music! Top work, Jeff.

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  3. honestly there are lot of questions brewing up inside my mind and i don’t know if i am ready for the answers, just yet. It’s really weird to miss something and have no way to get it. hey thanks, for this!

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    • Yeah, sometimes you think of questions you don’t want to think of – putting them in the back of your mind! But, soon the answers crop up before you know it and you have to face them head on! Sometimes grinding through the pain is the best way to get through it.

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  4. I’m wondering if I should do subscriber-only content for passive income, but am I interesting enough that people would pay? 🤔 Hahah That’s on my mind. Yourself?

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    • Yeah that’s certainly a thing to think about, especially as your audience grows. I think you should go for it! Why not, right? You should definitely pull a poll with your existing audience to see if people would pay moving forward. It’s always a difficult convo tho, as you wouldn’t want to lose your existing audience! For me, it’s finding the next bit of writing content that will keep me occupied til the end of the week 😂😂🗣

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  5. Beautiful and inspiring topic and my needed during these uncertain times. I am feeling a bit hopeful for the future but also a bit uncertain about covid and what is happening with that. I really hope the world gets back to how it was before. Particularly I worry for all of the wild animals and who will take care of them seeing as everyone is so preoccupied with humans. That is what’s on my mind 💚👍


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