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As I plan to embark to the capital this Friday for a field visit scouting out a new live music venue as part of my work, I started to cast my mind back to all the pivotal and fantastic live music venues, scenes and works that can be seen shaping and evolving out of London. Will the one I’m set to visit become part of the roster?

London Connections

It’s also important to note that it’s not just the residing music venues that make London London. Roundhouse. KOKO. Royal Albert Hall. The O2. Jazz Cafe. O2 Academy Brixton. The 100. Alexandra Palace. The Lexington. Electric Ballroom. Wembley. O2 Forum Kentish Town. I could go on. But it’s the individual musicians, avid creators and workers of the industry that make the city what is it. Avant-garde polish with craft and profession sliced with sheen, it is a city of pure culture.


Sidled with their neighbouring music cities of Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool, London is often the place to acclimatise with, if you’re planning to enter the realms of the music industry – as a professional or otherwise.


It’s a community of sparking bright ideas, inspiring the next inventors and embarking on unimaginable ideas that were first laughed at. Every time I go to London and share in the music festivities, I feel a real buzz, an electric buzz that cannot really be felt anywhere else in the UK music scenes. There are certainly buzzes in other music-orientated cities, but it’s not the same buzz at all. With these feeling somewhat fraudulent, London is the legit accompaniment of a music scene. Despite the risk factor when embarking within such a city, – with it being stamped as one of the most expensive cities to live in the world – it’s certainly worth the visit, at least.

Let’s hope I get to see some of the familiar sights of the live music work when I get to visit for the day!

By all means, share your most memorable moments from London below and we can have a good catch-up.

Thanks, folks. See you tomorrow.

9 responses to “London: The UK Music Hub”

  1. 💜 YOU!!! Obviously haven’t visited Australia or AnyWhere Else in The World SupaSoulBro; because mostly YOU!!! ARE Right but “London” became as Commercialised as The Rest of Europe and The US while Australia, Africa, South America and Other Countries Remained True to Their Musical Roots


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    • Ahh that’s true. I’ve not visited any other countries listed where they inherently remain true to themselves as a music platform and central hub for live music. Parts of South America are on my bucket list, including the likes of Chile and Argentina.

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      • 💜 That’s Good to Hear; oh, so Very, Very, Very Good to Hear that Music 🎶 in YOUR!!! Soul SupaSoulBro 🤔 ?


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  2. The last real trip my wife and I took before our son was born was to London. She found us a nice little boutique hotel (I didn’t ask what it cost) near Piccadilly and we spent the better part of a week walking the city. By far my favorite excursion was heading out to have lunch at the Ace Cafe. It was a bit of a journey, but we made it a point to make the trek out there as my motorcycling career had just recently and abruptly ended on a Triumph Bonneville. It was great fun.

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    • Ah, that’s a fantastic memory to have. Nothing better than having those long walks through the city! I think Ace Cafe is still there and that’s fortunate considering the year we’ve had. My dad had owned a Triumph and had enjoyed using it thoroughly. But, he had to give it all up if he were to marry my mum, as she wouldn’t allow for him to ride such a dangerous mode of transport!

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  3. I wish I had some memorable moments of London to share, but alas, I’ve never been there, nor to the UK. I have been to Berlin & Amsterdam many years ago before you were even born, and would like to return, as well as see London, Paris and Greece.

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    • Oh yes it’s certainly worth the trip down, for sure. It’s always an experience having a deep-dive of the hidden gems in capital cities. I’ve been to Belgium one time but neither Berlin or Amsterdam. I think both are on my bucket list. I’ve ventured to Italy a fair few times, because I simply loved the place. For America, I’ve only ventured to the tourist-trap that is Florida, I didn’t even visit the swampy outbacks where the locals live. I’d love to go on an American road trip when I’m older and got more years on the clock. See the sights of every state if I can! I’d definitely want to have a look at the world before I’ll be settling down.

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