How influential is Tik Tok to the future of the music industry?


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For some, the new rockers are the next influencers for the industry – they just don’t know it. For many, TikTok is very much running everything.

With the global pandemic shutting down the industry as a whole, artists had to adapt and bend the rules a little bit. Enter the meteoric rise of TikTok. A multi-global phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, it is a huge opportunity for upcoming musicians to get the go-ahead, from just the sheer numbers they pull in!


The story of Jason Derulo is one to admire. Dropped by his label in early 2020 for not being a priority, Derulo was at a loss. After feeling under appreciated from his mass delivering of number 1s over the years, he felt done for in the music industry. But, since he joined TikTok, he has amassed over 46m followers and became the 13th most popular music artist influencers on the platform. No doubt, revitalising his music career and putting Deluro back into the name of Jason.

It may be certainly easier as an already established artist, but the independence is there for anyone to pry into their creativity and amass a large following. The importance is to understand the game and out-work everybody – then? The sky’s the limit.

8 responses to “How influential is Tik Tok to the future of the music industry?”

  1. 2loud2oldmusic avatar

    I know TikTok is crucial for the younger generation. My youngest (14) has a playlist that is pretty awesome as it has The Clash, Kiss, Madonna, Rick Springfield and so many bands I grew up with and I asked her where’d she hear those songs and she said TikTok. Except for Kiss, she heard that one from me (she had 3 Kiss songs on it as i got her to like them a little and she loves Gene).

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Ah wow! I never knew how crucial it was for the younger generation. It’s still nice to see so many integral bands being recognised again for their work with people who weren’t even around when they were active in their prime. Thanks for the sharing, my friend. Mightily insightful.

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  2. Vertical Separation avatar
    Vertical Separation

    And I’m over here like, “What is a ‘Tik Tok’?”

    Kidding, I don’t get it but I think you’re right, it’s for the younger generation. Which actually brings up a good question. We’ve been debating lately what the younger generation is listening to. There are some opinions that rock n roll is dead to college aged kids thus making rock bands utterly irrelevant. I’m inclined to disagree as I believe all music, including rock music transcends generations. Didn’t we listen to our parents music when we were kids, just as your daughter is listening to the music we grew up with? I’d like to think that regardless of the age of the listener, the timeless music will break through and the people that are drawn to it will keep it alive. If Tik Tok is a means to do that, so be it.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah absolutely. I don’t think rock and punk bands are dead at all. We’ve been all teenagers once whether it be 5 years ago or today! Bands like Machine Gun Kelly and Yungblud are rising in the packs creating punk rock for those rebel teens. It seems TikTok’s use of music for 30 seconds is revitalising those bands who have once crept out of the spotlight – and a lot of those are classic rock bands. Anthems that are perfect for those TikTok viral videos.

      I’ve never really got into TikTok myself, but as a musician, maybe it’s time I do ..

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  3. EclecticMusicLover avatar

    I think Tik Tok is for the most part a lot of idiotic silliness by self-absorbed people who weren’t already getting enough attention from Instagram, Facebook, Reddit or Twitter. That said, I recently gave in and joined it, not to post anything myself (I’m now old and no longer attractive, and don’t wish to make a bigger fool of myself than I already am), but to follow a few artists I like. I was shocked when two of them – Two Feet and MISSIO – followed me back! They both told me they did so because of all the support I’ve given them, which made me love them even more. (They both also follow me on Twitter & Instagram.)

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Wow! That’s fantastic to hear, I love stories like that. It’s nice to see some fellow music artists appreciating the support. I may very well do the same, see some creative individuals share their ideas and creativity in the world of 30-second TikTok videos!

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  4. Andrew avatar

    I can see TikTok being important for the younger kids, like the teens and those before them. It’s the “place to be” at the moment, from what I’m hearing. I refuse to do the social media thing (friendface & jitter as the IT crowd guys call them), but I’d be naive to not see it’s effectiveness in getting the attention of everyone.

    Realistically, it’s likely the place where bands can get the most attention right now. They follow trends like everyone else. First it was myspace, then facebook, now TikTok. It gives the bands (and the record companies they’re signed to) “street cred” with the kiddos.

    Services like TikTok have diminished the need for talent scouts. Before 2000, record companies would send people to shows all over the place, looking for the next “it” band. I’m guessing companies do less of that now. It seems to me like they’re only looking for the next one hit wonder.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah that’s true! I imagine there are still field agents that explore the local scenes for record labels but I can imagine that’s often a rarity now. More so for the independent labels maybe than the big ‘uns. TikTok is a global recruitment site now in my eyes. Musicians can get plucked up quick as a flash on such a site. If they’re making compelling music within the 40-sec timeframe they’re allowed – with a strong audience to match – then score *and score.*


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