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Some of the most recent write-ups to make sure you are ahead of the game.

Royal Blood – ‘Typhoons’ Album Review

Reinventing dance-floor grooves, the duo’s third album contemplates the struggles of bad habits – and riding the wave with it.

Black Pistol Fire: Look Alive

Rock duo companionship triumphs in Southern Rock/Blues Delight.

The Journey of Foals: What Went Down

As one of the most captivating indie bands, dive into the history of such an iconic collective.

Man v Music: Series Collection

Eight original series to delve into that resolves around the discussion of music.

Most Recent Works

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The weird and wonderful? The controversial, the deep thought-provoking discussions? You can be sure we’ve got it covered.

Industry Insight: Interviewing the Professionals

10 questions. 10 insights. 1 professional.

I made a playlist

A series which draws on concept-playlists that you can enjoy and properly sink your teeth into. Spotify-exclusive.

Let’s Talk

Get involved with the discussion of music.

Hidden Gems: Series

Full length 13-part series where we share hidden gems from the industry – artists who deserve appraisal for their music, but don’t have it.

Recent Artist Reviews

Everyone’s a critic nowadays …

My Music Stories

The magic of childhood stems some weird but intriguing memories.

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