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Sunday: Coffee and Music

There is something magical about brewing a pot of coffee, sticking your headphones on and losing yourself in the playlist amenity of relax and chill. Whether it’s frosty, snowy or even summer-like in cool February, coffee and music is a worthy double-act that tops any listing. Any playlist is perfect if it resembles relax, right?… Read more Sunday: Coffee and Music

In case you missed it, this is Man v Music. “Where’s the origin story?” I hear you ask, well ask no further…

I took upon Man v Music about a year and a half ago now, as a means to explore and learn more about the music industry and what it has to offer to us – if anything – as musicians, fans and general consumers.

And how was I going to do that? To begin with, I had no idea. And to be honest, a year later – I still don’t.

But I’m out to learn as much as I can about the music industry – before I deep dive into the music myself.

I’ve been told that learning together is the best way of sharing knowledge and understanding.

So delve in with me and learn from: insight with industry professionals, explore intriguing industry stories, learning and discovering new beginnings and endings in the industry, discover emerging and exciting talent, adapt from the industry struggles we delve into, and of course, keep up to date with the effects COVID-19 has had – and is having – on a daily basis, on the music industry.

So why don’t you join me in it all – and stay for the content if its good enough?

You can find all your necessary links and info above.

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