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I don’t mean a music artist literally getting in your general path and making you stop, but a genuine sit-down moment, when you’ve looked up from whatever you were doing and sank into the music. Even gone the extra mile and shut your eyes for a few.

If this rarity of music excellence has happened to you, let me know when and the artist, because if it’s no one I’ve heard of before, I will certainly know about them from your perspective!

For me, it’s any thought-provoking mellow hip hop with its slacken grooves, relaxed bass and lush lyricism that melts when spoken. I remember this happened when I listened to Loyle Carner for the first time. Oddly enough, it also happens with any jazz experimental that drives off into a tangent of solo ingenuity. Which, again, makes me melt. Anything that is butter music, essentially.

Thanks all. Have a great weekend.

11 responses to “Let’s Talk: What artist has made you stop in your tracks?”

  1. That artist would be James Brown. It wasn’t only the lyrics of the songs and the way he delivered the vocals that got my attention. It was his band especially the bass player, Bootsy Collins! Once you get bit by that groove, you are infected for life 🙂

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  2. 💜 ALL Alphaville Songs particularly ‘Forever Young’ which has been covered several times most famously in some drama series whose name escapes Me EveryOne; it’s Basically Musical Poetry and Marianne Gold has a Golden Voice EveryBody



    • Oh, that’s good to hear! I’m not too familiar with those artists, I’ll be sure to give them a wee little listen when I get a moments notice today. Appreciate the work with this one, my friend!

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  3. I am forever on the hunt for exactly this moment. You simply can’t beat that moment when you hear a song, have to sit down and go, “What. The. F….” Recently for me that band has been All Them Witches. I stumbled on their song Diamond a while back, and then during a long drive not long ago I listened through one of their Spotify playlists that covered a lot of their work. So many great songs with a bluesy, almost psychedelic sound. If I hadn’t already been sitting, I would have had to sit down.

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  4. I’m a little late to the party here. I’ll say that Matthew Good was that artist for me. He isn’t well known outside of Canada, and that suits me just fine. He’s in a little #metoo hot water right now (nothing illegal though), but it won’t make me stop loving his music.

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    • Oh fabulous to hear, I’m always looking for new artists to sink my teeth into, especially my if it’s off the back of a fantastic recommendation from a fellow music peruser. Thank you! For me, it’s anything Dave Grohl creates, writes or shares with the world. Nicest man in rock, and right now – a living legend in his own right.


  5. I’m on the Dave bandwagon too. I’m not a social media user, but I remember there being a small campaign to get him to replace Neil Peart in Rush. He politely declined, saying he couldn’t possibly replace Neil. It’s hard to be humble, but he makes it look easy. His “feud” with that 11 year old girl Nandi is cute too. I love that he’s helped keep the “Rick Roll” alive. He’s self deprecating. If he likes maple syrup, he might be a closet Canadian! lol

    Matthew Good has quite the story. He once had to commit himself to a psych ward after overdosing on anti-depressants. He was soon diagnosed as being bipolar. He wrote an album while in the psych ward, called Hospital Music. It’s an amazing piece of work.

    His parents are from England. He’s a huge Arsenal supporter. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, as I don’t follow football. I’m told that Manchester United is the team to hate.

    I won’t comment on the #metoo stuff. It’s none of my business.

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