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With the meteoric rise of social media over the past years with the likes of TikTok and Instagram, and with X Factor not coming back for a successive year after initial falls in rating from past years come up trump, why are singing competitions dead?

It may be down to the fact that social media has allowed anyone to become famous and the distinction between celebrity and the general public is more becoming a fusion of the two! Or it may be down to the fact that these singing competitions like the X Factor do nothing but segregate us from such a corrupt aspect of the music industry, and is ludicrous Saturday night TV. Whatever the reason, let me know your thoughts.

5 responses to “Let’s Talk: Why are Singing Competitons Dead?”

  1. You make some good points, Alex, but I’m not sure singing competition shows are completely dead, at least in the U.S. Long-running TV show “The Voice” is still alive, and even “American Idol” returned for a 19th season, which just ended in May.

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  2. Hi folks.

    Full disclosure – I’ve never actually sat down to watch an entire episode of anything.

    I’m not sure the shows are dead. They should be, in my opinion. I’ll quote Slash in order to explain why.

    When talking about why the 80s hair bands were killed off by Nirvana and company, he said that almost every band lacked the substance. For quite a few of the bands, he’s right.

    I won’t deny that there is some talent that comes from these shows. Kelly Clarkson comes to mind. The problem, to me, lies with the talent. The majority of them are singers, nothing more. Give them a song, they’ll sing it well. They’re marketed as pop tarts. Each one feels interchangeable.

    What I can’t say is what will kill this off.

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    • Ooh, fantastic answer for this one! Yeah, your right; Slash is telling mostly the truth for me, in my opinion. When one artist lacks the substance, they’re easily catered off and essentially exchanged for another one of these pop tarts. I may have preemptively assumed about singing competitions when I asked this question, but maybe it’s my own fulfilment that I’d wish they would get rid of 😂😅


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