Let’s Talk: What makes an artist SUCCESSFUL?


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For your Sunday evening, here’s a deep dive into the talks of all things music.

In your humble opinion, what makes a music artist successful? Is it the sheer social media numbers and radio plays? Or is it something far more personal with their musicality and story as a songwriter? It seems to depend on whom you ask, but the varying degrees of success is often weighed up when discussing an artists’ music.

For me, I think it’s whatever makes the artist happy. Playing to a group of ten people in a small dimmed bar, to getting that perfect song out that shows you as the perfect songwriter, I think measures success.

Popularity and successive streams are certainly extras that come after for me. Now, that’s just my opinion to this one, what’s yours?

8 responses to “Let’s Talk: What makes an artist SUCCESSFUL?”

  1. 2loud2oldmusic avatar

    If the artist is happy, then they are successful. But I think if the artist can make a living off their music, they are successful.

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    1. the press music reviews avatar
      the press music reviews

      I agree. Success for an artist doesn’t necessarily mean praise and/or units shifted.

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      1. manvmusic avatar

        Yeah, I personally think an element of self-worth is such a gratifying weight of success. Especially for those grassroot artists.

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    2. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah, it kinda both ways doesn’t it haha!

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  2. Andrew avatar

    Putting myself in an artist’s shoes, I would consider myself successful if:
    -I influence another artist
    -I am respected by the music community
    -I have affected a fan in a positive way
    -I love what I do, so it doesn’t feel like a job

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah, top list for me. If I start to enjoy what I do without any worries of funding anything, that’d be a huge success for me. If that means I have 20 fans, if I am happy in my space, then that is a successful music artist. Thank you for your thoughts!


  3. Deadly avatar

    I guess it depends on the definition of success. Personally, I wouldn’t say self-fulfilment quite fits the bill. If you are able to make a living off being an artist, then I think that fits the literal definition. A salesperson can love their job but if they aren’t selling enough to pay their bills then you couldn’t say they are having a successful career.

    Of course if an artist is struggling to sell their work, but love what they do, have others who love what they do and influence others, I’d say most of us would say that they have achieved a different kind of success.

    Great question!

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Ah fab answer really, you’ve notched both aspects of this question with a good answer. I think it’s all about perception and how we see our own success implemented on others. For me, if I am an artist and I struggle with what I do but I enjoy it so much, that for me is a success. It’s just an added bonus if I get paid more than I need to for it. I think it comes down to how focused you are in terms of defining a career. Some are happy with what they get from wage to wage as long as they’re happy with family and friends. Others go above and beyond for that fantastic career at the risk of losing some lifetime family and friends along the way.

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