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Happy weekend, folks. With the first day of Spring finally upon us, I’d thought we’d all take a trip down to memory lane, and discuss our most treasured memories in the world of music.

Live or recording – what’s the best memory in music you hold? The one you hold dear – or simply just a fond tale of your past experience?

Let me know.

With me suffering hideously with hay fever today – so fittingly on the first day of Spring, too – let’s gloss over the fact that music and it’s beautiful moments won’t be til after Summer this year, and talk about what we miss about the most, and what we have loved along the way.

I’d have to say my most treasured music memory is witnessing the rock legends, Foo Fighters live at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes, UK. I remember as if it were yesterday – a year prior to when I was set to be whisked off to University in 2016, we spent one final piss-up with some lads from back home, paying a fitting tribute to Grohl and co, Royal Blood and naked-drunk music icon, Iggy Pop. Yet, this gig was simply one-of-a-kind, because we saw Grohl in a way that no one would ever see again.

After recovering from breaking his leg in Sweden earlier that year, Grohl was – rather fittingly – occupying a “rock throne,” marked up with guitar necks and luminous beauty. Despite not having the same energy and give Grohl would often given if he was his own two feet, it was still a sight to see – a moment that would be short-lived as he would recover just the year after.

Bellowing out rock classics amidst of crowd of thousands – with vivid detail of what those porta-loos looked like – whilst the sun in the shire of Buckingham settled down for the night, was and still is, one of those that will stay with me forever. It will stay with me too, especially since I saved the very ticket and wristband that got me into the gig in the first place.

Right, I think that’s me done. What about you lot?

Do let me know your most treasured moment of music in the comments below – I’d love to hear them!

25 responses to “Let’s Talk: What’s your most treasured music memory?”

  1. Foo Fighters are one of my favorite bands. I love their songs but ‘Aurora’, ‘Everlong’, ‘Let it die’, ‘Best of you’ and many more. I feel I’ve begun liking Grohl’s voice. I think I’ll treasure the feeling when i first listened to their songs. 💯

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    • Yeah you’re absolutely right. Oh gosh, I love ‘Aurora’ too. I like your taste, my friend. They’re old classic albums are the best, lost interest from their newest album. But I can’t be mad; after all, they’ve given us so many amazing songs over the years. Their legacy cannot be tainted – thanks for stopping by with your thoughts, my friend.

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  2. Foo Fighters is one of those bands that consistently makes great albums 🙂 That’s a fantastic photo and a great story!

    Mine’s kinda silly. I went to see Fuel at a small bar in Gainesville, FL, around 2003 or 2004. I was having difficulties at the time, and I was feeling way down. At the end of the set, the base player just looks at me and points at his face and smiles (signaling for me to smile or cheer up). It was neat 🙂

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    • Haha thank you. It seems to have vanished completely now. Odd to have it one day and gone the next – but safe to say, I’m relieved! Oh fantastic band, Metallica. I haven’t had the privilege of watching them live but I can only IMAGINE the scenes from such a gig. I think witnessing live music somewhere other than where you reside in, makes it that much sweeter. Thanks for dropping in with your thoughts, my friend.

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  3. Great question, but an almost impossible one.

    If we stick to live, my own Foo Fighters experience would go close. It would’ve been maybe 2006 and my first or close to first concert. I wasn’t old enough to drink (in Australia), and it was a double of the Foo Fighters and Oasis. Amazing day/night.

    More recently, seeing Maggie Rogers, an artist I’ve followed right from the start, was a memorable experience.

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    • Oh wow, what an amazing double to experience. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Witnessing live music somewhere else than you normally reside makes it that much sweeter. I’m not from Australia and I would love to view just a glimpse of live music. I’ve not much of Maggie Rogers truth to be told – I’ll give her a whirl, thank you.

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  4. This is a feel good post and fun to read through the comments. As I’m officially getting old now, this really had me going combing through the years. Among the many contenders, I’d say watching Oasis do their thing at Knebworth back at the height of all that madness. Seeing Super Furry Animals at a behind closed doors pub gig in Cardiff. Buying my first stereo system with my first ever pay check. Taking The Beatles Taxi tour in Liverpool. But the best has got to be interviewing Neil Young in Amsterdam. The man is a god.

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    • Oh wow, what an impressive collective of musical wizardry and madness! I’m slightly envious of that last one ngl. Seeing Oasis at the height of their career must’ve been a mad experience in the crowd, too!

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