Platinum Party at the Palace: A British Congregation


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//Stakes were high and nerves were ablaze last night as the world was watching.//

A performance of all performances, the prestigious Party at the Palace took place at Buckingham Palace last night..

Alas, stakes were high and nerves were ablaze, yes. But they needn’t have worried. Setting the precedent for the night were Queen and Adam Lambert – in-between were the likes of Elbow, Eurovision sensation Sam Ryder, Duran Duran and sensational sermons from the likes of Diversity and Doc Brown’s encompassing the very best of British sport, Arts and Culture.

Rounded up with some of the greatest music legends (all the sirs) – Sir Elton John, Diana Ross to name among a few – it was a remarkable ceremony of patriotism, marking our country firmly on the map, all the more boosting our Royalty tourism.

Despite some major artists falling flat on the night – the occasion seemingly getting the better of them – the Palaces’ visual effects interloped with some majestic tellings of environmentalism and world heritage from world greats’ Sir David Attenborough, Hans Zimmer and Andrea Bocelli – who seemingly stole with show – the party at a bit of magic for everyone with every marvel accosted from different walks of life and different shades of green.

With little theatrics on production errors – with Ezra’s sound cutting out completely being the only exception – and many many theatricals playing out alongside Andrew Lloyd Webber at the helm, it was an immersive wonderment for all. The show wasn’t without our classical British satire too – as comedian Lee Mack was one more joke away from an assisted escort as he made ‘partygate’ jokes at the expense of one Boris Johnson, the UK’s prime minister, who managed to swindle a seat in the Royal posh box…

It can’t be a concert performance for The Majesty without some hesitant silence and awkwardness but despite all this – it was a real real gem to watch and a real FOMO moment for the majority of us watching, I’m sure.

I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did! What was your favourite moment? What was your least favourite moment?

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