KISS bassist, Gene Simmons has been in the firing line, as he stated that “rock is dead” and informed us to “don’t kid yourself” about it either.


“The reason for that is not because there’s a lack of talent, but because young folks, that kid living in his mom’s basement, decided one day that he didn’t want to pay for music. He wanted to download and file share.

“And that’s what killed the chances for the next generation of great bands. The fact that the music was for free. So nowadays new bands don’t have a chance.”


We had the mighty rock greats of The Beatles, The Stones, Pink Floyd and Elvis. Then, the heavier metal side, you had the likes of Metallica, Maiden, AC/DC and on and on. With a refusal to place rock legends, Foo Fighters in the same bracket, is rock as dead as believe it to be? After all, who is the next Beatles?

Is Simmons right here? There is such a strong sentiment in the fact that the business model has shifted, which does have a knock-on effect to how we see and view rock music nowadays. The short of it all, we’ve gone soft. With it, goes our rock music.


“Don’t kid yourself. As soon as those girls [Foo Fighters] are gonna grow a little bit older, that’s going to go away. It’s like sugar: you taste it, it gives you that little energy boost, and then it’s gone forever and you don’t care.”


The desire to play music is slimming as each day passes where music became more expansive, more accessible and free. Above all else, the desire to provide your own spin for music and its rock elements ultimately vanished when we were struck with bedroom artists.

Let me know your thoughts with this one and if you really believe that rock is dead.

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  1. nickreeves avatar

    There might be something in Gene’s thoughts, though they seem somewhat dated (sorry, Gene). He’s right, of course, the model, the horizon, has definitely altered: rocknroll is such a well-oiled business nowadays, but I would lay the blame at the suit-and-tie men’s door rather than the kids’. I think that the rot, if that’s what it is, has been a longtime coming. In retrospect, perhaps something changed with the beginnings of punk rock and the notion that anybody/everybody could be a star? This, and then in the early eighties with all those Home Taping Is Killing Music sticker campaigns? The emergence of home recording in the early nineties (oh, how I loved my Tascam Portastudio – and still do) certainly didn’t help the bigwigs. And, yep, without a doubt, the download and file-sharing ‘piracy’ at the end of the century. Culture is a different country now. I would agree that the heart has long been stolen from the rocknroll that the likes of you and I and Gene grew up with (and those before even KISS). But I bet someone even said this when Elvis came along. I don’t know.

    What I do know is this. Once upon a time, if one saw someone walking down the street with green hair* it would have been such an outrage – as if aliens had landed, as if the patients had escaped the mental hospital – but nowadays I almost wonder at some kid (or mum or granny) if they haven’t got green hair! Everything has been rinsed out of culture and everything is a watered-down rehash of the true spirit. Somedays I’m surprised that it took so long.

    I also know that just this week I was saying to a young friend of mine that I’m going to start a new band when the plague is over – because there still is something wonderful about a garage band and rnr. We both agreed that though there is so much music out there. She’s 23 and well steeped in rocknroll culture and she said, “There’s very little heart or romance anymore.” How true. Here, in the NE of England, there is still a vibrant rnr scene – as with everywhere – but I cannot help but sneer and wince at blokes with beards and skinny-latté TopShop types with way too many foot-pedal racks and greasy social media ladder plans with very little real to say. Mott said it best way back when and they were right… The Golden Age of Rock and Roll.

    *green hair… please insert any fashion statement here. I mean, even my granny, god bless her, has green hair and rips in her denim! 🙂

    (Jeez, what a rant! I really should get out more!)
    N. Reeves 56 1/2

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Ah hahahah wow Nick! I have a feeling that there’s some underlying belief underneath all of this rant – I’m impressed!

      You’re absolutely right on the money, though. Culture is a different game, and the culture of Rock ‘n’ roll may have gotten soft around the edges. I agree with you that there is an awful lot of watered-down works now, but I guess that’s the problem when the greats have-been-there and-done-that already! But hey, rock will still live on (even if it’s younger brother to rnr)

      Thanks for the rant though; safe to say I enjoy that one haha!

      Stay safe out there


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  2. nickreeves avatar

    Ha! Sorry about that, Alex! Normal service will (no doubt) resume after these commercials from our sponsors!


  3. nickreeves avatar

    Ha! Sorry about that, Alex! Normal service will (no doubt) be resumed after these commercials from our sponsors…

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  4. ellie894 avatar

    I understand what Gene means but I think the music will always find a way! Things will change. But something new will emerge. A new way to listen and create and keep Rockin! I’m certainly open to learning a new way to listen to help musicians. Take care, suzanne

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      I think you’re right. If rock isn’t going to be as strong as it was, there’ll always be a new sub-genre to emphatically take its place! Thanks for stopping by and giving us your thoughts! 🙏

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