Let’s Talk: What are YOU most excited for next year?


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HOPE EVERYONE HAD A GOOD CHRISTMAS! Let’s take a look at 2022 in review as we venture into New Years’.

It’s the most important time of reflection for the year we’re waving goodbye to and a welcoming beckon for the year we’re saying hello to. With that said, what are you looking forward to most next year? Is it the finely-tuned Grammys in February – that always warrants the same edge of controversy every year? The eclectic array of Summer 2023, where a whole array of festival frolics play host to music fanatics? Is it the Glastonbury headliner announcements … or is it a festival or a gig event a little bit closer to home you’re most excited for?

With the likes of Paramore, The National, Death Grips and Thundercat paving new waves this year for their established genre stitching, we’re going to see a meteoric rise for both hip-hop holy rollers and early 2010’s indie artists. We’re also expecting to see new Gorillaz match the high anticipation with Cracker Island early in the year too, with the singles being well received so far, with an eclectic array of collaborative artists marking their name. Who else are we expecting to see?

There’ a few hotshots in there, that will certainly make 2023 their year. With tours, performances, festival bookings up fast, who’s going to step up and be some of the biggest artists to emerge? Will Wet Leg keep up the momentum of their debut first, or falter like many other bubblegum indie bands before them? Will boygenius top the lot and match the hype mixed up with his name? Only time will tell. Until then, what are YOU looking forward to most?

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