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“Every time I’ve had a guess that [COVID] is going to be over, I’ve been completely wrong.” – Robbie Williams


Amongst all of the news in the new year, one prevailing factor when it comes to the music industry still exists.

It is the simple fact of uncertainty creeping in yet again to our sprawling city venues and precarious local music scenes as we saw more rules and regulations to our gigs and concerts. Postponements have been fashioned across Wales, Scotland (much less with England, far less restrictive rules apparently) and especially with bands fortunate enough to host European legs on their tours with many gigs and concerts overseas pushed to the season of 2023.

The difficulty is that COVID still poses this uncertainty with many unscheduled gigs resulting in unattended figures and no-shows from avid concert-goers, as the fearful are reminded that COVID still exists and prevails within our entertaining society. With that, comes in drops in revenue, touring artists cutting half their schedule which negatively impacts not only the international artists but also their touring team of 20+ employees relying on this for valuable income. Luckily, with the UK, (whether this is down to our unjust Government failing once more with failures in preventing the variant spread or something else, is entirely down to you) most indoor concert venues are openly active and alive with flurries of artist activity. However, the same cannot be said for other European countries and America overseas. With far more restrictions concerning indoor entertainment shows and performances within close spaces, it seems that the rest of the World has become more sensitive to the Omicron variant than us in the UK.

Now, I don’t mean to get overly political on such a site, so I think we’ll leave it there for now. But, it’ll be awfully detrimental to our working class within the music industry that’s for sure!

5 responses to “The Hopes and Uncertainties of UK Touring during COVID”

    • sheesh, not another one? I’m sorry to hear that, more disappointment abound it seems when it comes to music tours. I had to wait 2 years to see IDLES in London – postponed three times from 2020 … madness comes in many forms, my friend. Hopefully, the summer will be of a more fluid one when it comes to seeing our music live. God bless, hope you’re having a good week so far!

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    • Yes, there certainly is some decent truth in what you’re saying. Essentially, it seems that they can’t win when it comes to winning over the general public. It’s staring into the face of the unexpected .. and no one really knows how to combat it. Especially when we have the likes of mysterious variants appearing that prevent vaccines being effective!

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