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The rise of musicality stature, record labels and music business organisations tell us no.

But, the transparency of social media, the number of bedroom artists rising to fame, the term of ‘music’ losing its meaning as each day passes, tells us a different story.

I believe that anyone can be a musician. Putting in the practice is the first step, your musicianship will then carry you the rest of the way there.


If you have the perseverance and determination to succeed, you can be more than a musician but a businessman, too. But, I think being a musician takes more than picking up a guitar. It’s learning the ins and outs of the music industry, making sure you know you every loophole, every important name in the industry and making sure it’s who you know and what you know. That all too familiar catchphrase that is so present in creative sectors – and that is no different with the music industry.

I think it’s also more to do with your audience. The hardest thing about being a musician is having a decent audience. Playing an instrument or being able to rap and make a good beat is only the half of it. The ability to market and campaign yourself almost as if you’re running for office yourself is the difficult half. You could argue that if you’re good enough, then the audience comes to you. But that’s not strictly true at all, now is it? I know thousands of talented artists, singers and rappers who are making their way slowly to an audience – despite making amazing music. The audience is hard to achieve, especially within such an over-populated and over-saturated industry that is the music one.

For me, I’m a drummer. We’ll leave the drummer jokes at the foot of the door, thank you. But, it took me 10 years of practice to get to the skill and quality as a drummer where I am today. In no way to represent in numbers of my social media fanbase or a following on this blog, and so it’s important to know your achievements and success, I think.

For me, being a drummer is amazing, fun and downright beautiful. Anyone can be a musician if you have the energy and time for it. I wouldn’t say the talent for it, because I think everyone has talent. The right amount of practice and you’d be up there with the greats. After all, how do you think they got up there?

Anyways, I’ve rambled on enough about this topic – clearly a lot to say! Let me know your thoughts on this one below. And above all else … let’s talk. Because it’s good to talk.

12 responses to “Let’s Talk: Can ANYONE be a Musician?”

    • Ah wow nice stuff, my friend! Which one do you prefer? (your answer will result in me respecting you more haha)
      Now you mention it, I did pick up the guitar once when I was at uni, but I did not get the same satisfaction as I do when I thump out a drum kit. Nothing like it. I don’t have the opportunity to practice in my flat so I am eagerly awaiting for the reopening of practice spaces so I can get playing again!

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  1. Interesting question! I’ll say yes*, with practice and diligent training. But to your point. finding commercial success as a musician requires skill sets in addition to musical talent and even then, it’s a tough, saturated industry.

    *I must admit that I am not a musician (unless karaoke counts as musical talent, which I think is debatable)

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    • Yeah you’re spot on with that! The industry is certainly a tough nut to crack. Haha, why not? I believe karaoke is a form of musical talent – if you’re good at it! It’s a form of singing after all .. 🤔🗣😂


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