As we saunter into the blazing summer (as those in the UK are going through a freak heatwave), some of our most notable artists are cooking up stuff equally hot for us to savour on. Here’s your new rock this week.

Interpol. Taking a more candid and resourceful approach to their songwriting, The Other Side of Make-Believe charts a new directive songwriting lesson for the The Big Apple residents. You’ll see a lot less anthemic ambition like we saw on their debut with the likes of All The Rage Back Home and Obstacle 1 but with it, comes a curious bedfellow of jazzy beats and keys somewhat darkened with a blood-red tinge. It’s still our same Interpol, contemplation is another companion again for another 10+year rock band.

Architects. Embarking on a materialist nu-metal approach with tear gas from their 2021 For Those That Wish to Exist, it is yet another flammable song within an ever-expansive catalogue of the same. They really are a band that never stops writing, huh.

Deaf Havana. A mass re-evaluation was on the horizon and things were at a loss for the pair left of the band. Seemingly ready to go their separate ways, they wrote a new album instead. Aptly worded, The Present is a Foreign Land, is a filtered electro-pop pipe-dream of a band that were at their pinnacle in ’13. The reason for that maybe was because they were a four-piece then. Still, fans can be happy that the Havana name is still going on.

Sam Fender. Off the back of his high from performing Glastonbury, our favourite custodian of indie anthems is back with Alright. Whether it was a B-side, a forgotten single from Seventeen Going Under, it’s another cult classic championing the heroics of his music for another year.

Hot Milk. Carrying on from the trend of scorching singles, Bad Influence and Teenage Runaways, the pieces are coming together for a truly explosive album, celebrating a truly cathartic pop punk movement for the Northern duo.

Harm & Ease. Ontario-based rock ‘n’ roll collective are ambushing us yet again with crank-it-up bangers honing in on a more traditional gripe of rock and its successive roll that comes after it. And boys do these guys roll. They roll however they want to. No song is the same, and the consistency is no different. Their new 6-track EP of Camino Loco is out now.

Any ones I missed you’re getting into at the moment? Let me know!

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