As we wave goodbye festival season and say hello to pumpkin spice coffee shops and woolly cardigans, take a deep dive into what’s new this Friday just gone for all things music…

Seasoned singer-songwriter Marcus Mumford goes solo from his Sons and draws up debut efforts with self-titled. Relieving childhood trauma, it features poetic moments of beauty, Better Off High, the hopes of Grace and the compellingly graphic Cannibal, I can still taste you and I hate it/That wasn’t a choice in the mind of a child and you knew it/You took the first slice of me and you ate it raw/Ripped it in with your teeth and your lips like a cannibal/You fucking animal.

A compilation of many genres pieces that don’t seemingly fit within the same jigsaw, The Mars Volta return in true guessing fashion with a self-titled issue – and their seventh in the mash-up saga. Branching out into elements of hardcore, progressive rock and avant-jazz, their music is not exactly pragmatic in any sense of the word. Rather, it’s a jaunt of experimentations that is impossible to pigeon-hole the band in one schematic space. Their latest offering is more emphatically pop this time around but it doesn’t go without a deterrence down some avenue of sorts. Starter of Blacklight Shine is a bongo-delight of Arabic influences, while Vigil is very much a straight-edged pop piece. Flash Burns From Flashbacks and Equus 3 is still very much 03’s Delouse in the Comatorium.

Rightfully Rough Trade’s Album of the Week this week, Rina Sawayama’s Hold The Girl is a pure pop moment as an everlasting fragrant to this years’ Summer season. We’ve seen glimpses of her already this year, appearing with Charli XCX’s Crash this year but it’s nice to see her own name to her own project. It features This Hell and Hold The Girl, two worthy picks to get stuck into.

Of course, we’ve covered the album in more mass detail earlier this week, but The Devil Wears Prada are also back this week with Colour Decay and it’s our album of the week this time around. Prominent names from this one include Salt and Time.

An intriguing affair hitting our ears within the realms of psychedelic rock, The Black Angels hit back with Wilderness of Mirrors. For fans of Goat and Black Mountain, it packs a faster punch with Empires Falling while treading the line with Without A Trace, a stormy argument of doing the right thing, (Is it still possible/To be invincible/When everyone else is expendable) it’s another worthy mention for this week if you’re in for a more in-depth discussion for world affairs.

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