Another week, another NEW MUSIC FRIDAY to dabble your ear drums into. Let’s take a look at our select favourites this week..

The big news in the world of rock this week is the return of synth-infused arena rock trio, Muse with Will of the People. The seventh studio album expected to top the billing for one of the greatest live band in the world, it follows the sixth Simulation Theory in 2018 and features Marilyn Manson tribunal, Will Of The People, heavy hard-hitter Won’t Stand Down and gothic Royal Blood-etiquette You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween. The full review will be coming soon.

After a deserving break from their successive 2019 tour for I Am Easy To Find, the craftiest alternative-indie chemistry of The National enter the fold with Weird Goodbyes. This time, they bring a swooning falsetto friend by the name of Bon Iver along for the ride. A lovely return.

Ahead of their third successive album release, How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me? in September, The Amazons keep pumping out anthemic choruses with their indie-rock riffage with Ready For Something, How Will I Know? and now for this week, There’s A Light. Amidst the frustration of releasing pre-singles before the album, I just want them to get it out already!

Brazen in technicolour, Cleopatrick set the wheels in motion for their next startling chapter for them both. After being non-stop on the road for 12 successive months from the nuclear fallout of 2021’s BUMMER, they are back with OK. Yet another stinger of corrupt distortion and hardened musicality, I’m truly excited what’s next for these boys. They deserve all the praise they receive.

Being hailed as an “aggressively sexy” album, alternative beat maestro Matt Maeson reaches new heights with Never Had to Leave – a more cathartically-driven album compared to 2019’s Bank On The Funeral that featured the all-too-familiar Hallucinogenics. The album holds its own with dramatic turns and piercings of piano, Blood Runs Red and Nelsonwood Lane.

Another girl-fronted post-punk rock band? No problem. Another doozy, CRAWLERS are on fire right now. First, Fuck Me (I Don’t Know What To Say) now to.. I Don’t Want It, it’s done its best to keep entrapped within the devilish vaults of alt-rock, but it’s got out.

Part-pioneering the ever-growing pop-punk/post-punk movement emerging from the underground of America’s sleaziest bars and studios, Magnolia Park is the hidden pick of the week with I should’ve listened to my friends. Perhaps too clean for some and aggressive for many, they are leading a movement charting the course for all people from all backgrounds to enjoy the music and become involved with PopPunkInColour.

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