Music at Glastonbury 2022: Those Noteworthy Moments…


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Are you not over Glastonbury this year? Us neither. So let’s take a look at some of those noteworthy performances and delectable splurges of music madness that took place over the weekend…


SAM FENDER: From North Shields to Worthy Farm


I was far too scared to hit him / but I would hit him in a heartbeat now.

The born-and-bred Geordie finally has his moment on the Pyramid Stage with many alike making a point that he should have been Friday’s headlineras he makes his indie-rock rampage known to the Somerset fields. As he stands in awe at the sprawling crowd in front of him as they echo Seventeen Going Under back to him in an instant, he still never forgets his home roots as he tributes Newcastle in a performance that is highly recommended to repeat again and again.

True to eclectic British culture, Fender is the perfect indie-pop artist as he emotionally swoons about adolescence, power and anger. Formally verified as a distinguished artist among us Brits, he is solidified his worthy place on one of the most historically important music stages of all time. And without a doubt, solidly makes up for his ‘gutting’ 2019 cancellation from the festival.

It’s incomprehensible to understand that he *technically* supported Billie Eilish, one of the biggest female pop icons in the world right now – and redefining the barriers for young female artists at music festivals.

What a stoic performance.


GLASS ANIMALS: Heatwaves for heatwaves


It all but confirms it: Glastonbury 2022 makes Glass Animals one of the greatest British bands at this moment in time. High cathartic tunes with ultra-violet tempo teasers, it was the perfect festival setting.

A summer anthem that broke America, Heatwaves was performed at a blistering pace – in front of a blistering audience, as the sun set and basked over the warm glow oozing from the crowd. It was simply amazing. ‘Nuff said.




Another hotly contested discussion were those surprise sets we were all eagerly anticipating come the Sunday.

Perfecting hard-edge rock as we know it, it was simply beautiful chaos. I mean, no one expected this Detroit-based garage-punk perfectionist to tear a new one at The Park on Sunday (seeing as Green Day and Harry Styles appearances were the first to be spoken about.) Least of all, no one expected him to end with one of the songs that will forever be hallmarked in British heritage among drunken fanatics at sports events. Seven Nation Army.

Adorned in his staple cool-blue, the surprise set was a momentous occasion celebrating both his classic White Stripes barrage of noise but also his more experimental solo side with Fear of the Dawn that was released earlier this year. A sheer thunder clap of music, White showed us all that ageing like a fine wine in rock makes it all the more better.


YUNGBLUD: Wild elation among the undercover of darkness…


// What about if we just pull up a truck into the middle of London and we tell nobody? // YUNGBLUD on his impromptu music video filming, ‘don’t feel like feeling sad today.’

Whatever the critics say of him about his music – he knows how to put on a show. Good god.

Wild, fiery and fierce with every ounce of passion a musician can pour out to an equally passionate audience, YUNGBLUD is the most exciting and explosive artist to emerge out of the gritty North end of England with fantastically uncensored expression.

From his thought-provoking lyricism highlighting innocent adolescence {‘hope for underrated youth‘} to teeny angst about being frightfully independent {‘parents‘}, it promotes another pivotal movement in the strength of future British punk-ish rock. Always an entertaining spectacle watching him live – you never quite know what to expect from him.


So, there we are. This is merely a glimpse into the quality of music on show at this years’ Glastonbury, but these are few of my own personal favourites. What were some of yours? LET ME KNOW!

4 responses to “Music at Glastonbury 2022: Those Noteworthy Moments…”

  1. EclecticMusicLover avatar

    I adore Sam Fender & Glass Animals, and “The Funeral” has made me a newfound fan of YUNGBLUD. There continues to be so much incredible talent coming from the UK. A wonderful write-up Alex.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah it’s a wonderful time right now for independent and upcoming artists for us Brits. I think it’s safe to say that Glass Animals are bigger in America than they are here! Would you say that’s true, Jeff? I’ve got a new founded respect for Fender after his Glasto slot. What a lad, what a performance.

      Ah thank you! Appreciate your support, my good friend.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Tales from the Neon Beach avatar
    Tales from the Neon Beach

    I didn’t get to Glastonbury, but I did watch the IDLES in Coventry last Thursday for their warm up show. What a band!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. manvmusic avatar

      Oh man, they’re so good aren’t they? So chuffed you managed to witness ‘em, a true proper show.

      Liked by 1 person

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