With a world strife in post-punk and hard-edged rock, we take a look at this weeks’ NEW MUSIC FRIDAY, with a whole host of new showings people are getting into already.

A bristle of a barbed wire hook there and a shuddering jolt of sludge-rock, Kid Kapichi are tearing up the place with their new second album, return to form and now majorly signed. This is Here’s What You Could’ve Won. Featuring hotly contested, New England, Rob The Supermarket and new contender, Smash The Gaff, it is a raucous 11-track collective exploring in-world poverty and racism, it tackles those conversations you want to steer around. …Instead, have it thrown your face in contempt…

Nothing short of electrifying, the Londoners are back with their cocky, heartfelt indie-alternative anthems with LP, Gulp! Seemingly a constant pub barter and back-and-forth, Sports Team bring true spirit through The Game and The Drop and a messy complexity with Fingers (Taken Off) and Kool Aid.

We ain’t done with post-punk or alternative rock today. No, sir. Dead Pony release their eponymous debut EP, War Boys. You can read the EP review in full here. Creating a battle-ready fever, it includes Bullet Farm, Zero and 23, Never Me.

Charting away from the worn path of ladled rock and post-punk works, we see new work from Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Eddie), Circa Waves (Do You Wanna Talk) Kid Cudi (Willing to Trust) Steve Aoki (Movie Star) and another from The 1975 with All I Need To Hear, their fourth successive single release since Part Of A Band which started the momentum swinging in their favour earlier this year.

Let’s not forget that our favourite music guy, Lewis Capaldi has returned true to form with a Live Lounge-esque cover of Drivers License via Spotify singles!

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