If the likes of Do Nothing are representing the Nottingham music scene of the lavish and extreme – then I’m here for it

A dark dexterity of half-spoken and surreal vocals matched with a blend of spindly rhythms, Do Nothing are sludge of avant-garde post-punk modernism that is so so exciting to listen right now.

Similar to the new waves of Viagra Boys and Talk Show that is taking the UK scene revival by storm, Do Nothing are the next collective to be riding the storm and doing their own thing with flair, unkept confidence and ulterior gratitude to their predecessors.

Their initial debut EP in 2020, Zero Dollar Bill, became a fitting ensemble within an eclectic mix of genreless misfits and cast-outs who are slowly becoming more and more important to the music works in our ever-expanding cities. Then followed Glueland in 2021, a spindle of late-night speakeasy dramatics that hit the knife-edge of what this movement of “post-punk” is all about. A genre that is often given the wide birth about what it is in said genre, you can safely package the likes of Do Nothing in there.

A soundtrack true to the alternative soul, it is a marvellously spirited band that I can’t simply quite get enough of.

A band youthful in nature and crass opinions but a band aged with wisdom from stunning songwriting – despite them only doing it for a mere 4 years on and off with Handshakes as the starter – they’re a true trailblazer for waving the Nottingham music flag high.

Personal recommendations: Gangs, New Life, Glueland and Uber Alles.

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