At a time where we are rife with sweetened music rewards for the Summer – while Glastonbury is lighting up the sky further south – we take a look at this weeks’ newest releases…//

Willow’s wallowing: Off the back of her nuanced lately I feel EVERYTHING back in 2021, Willow continues her adorned noise-rock experimentations with ‘<maybe> it’s my fault‘ from her mother’s nu-rock influence when she was just a child.

Dragons and Sharks: Diving straight into seemingly the second act, Imagine Dragons return with elusive cold-blooded number, Sharks. Going with a more fleshed-out approach for this one, it’ll be interesting what their next move will be.

Its singles galore this week as album anticipations ramp up to the end of the month next week. Another single this week comes from The Kooks this week after their brief spell of anniversary tours. A mini-EP of sorts, was released earlier this year under the banner of Beautiful World – Echo in the Dark, Pt.11 which brought stellar flashbacks to 2011’s Junk of the Heart.

What’s kookier than The Kooks? None another than Jamie T. A quirky singer-songwriter with a diverse D.I.Y musical-palette follows up his energetic The Old Style Raiders with a sombre compromise of living with St George Wharf Tower.

Quite possibly the biggest gospel news this week comes in the form of new music from Porcupine Tree. The latest project they’ve done as a formal band in a long time. In fact, it was in 2009 with The Incident that was there last coming-together of musical duets and jams.

Now, after 13 years, they return with CLOSURE/CONTINUATION. Class and musical ingenuity oozes out in bucket loads, as the three of them permeate amongst one another, drinking up relentless creativity of translucent odd-time delight. Steven Wilson, Gavin Harrison and Richard Barbieri are Porcupine Tree. Featuring possessive tracks such as Rats Return and Harridan, it’s a triumphant telling of reforming lost contact and generally just making a kick-ass album.

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