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//After post-Download depression from the weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to take you through some of the eclectic picks out of The Rock List for this week. Hitting the hardest, these are the hottest rock tracks right now.\\


Despite the residual significance to Manson’s Beautiful People, Muse‘s hot-funk third single Will of the People is hitting hard within many enthused playlists. Leading up to the same titled album in August, Will of the People is another Uprising among a world of corporate control and immoral values. Whether or not it’ll be hit hard by a copyright claim before its release date however, is another question.

Kasabian hit back even harder against their critics with Chemicals. A eutrophic anthem as it brings Tyler Joseph’s Twenty One Pilots vibes to an already strong force in our alternative music world. This results in three singles being released since frontman Tom Meighan’s depature earlier this year. A hieroglyphic display of phat anthems, The Alchemist’s Euphoria is set to be released later this Summer.

Embarking on a new journey from 2018’s Pray For The Wicked and the euphoria that came with collaborating in Frozen 2, Brandon Urie’s Panic! At The Disco is back with a bang via Viva Las Vengenance, a glitzy statement of meteoric fame among a world in flames. Of course, off the back of Urie’s rumours, similarities are beginning to surface with this one. The song initially brings similarities to Dallon Weekes’ band, I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME‘s Clusterhug off their RAZZMATAZZ album in 2020. It’s worth noting that Weekes was a former Panic! member before he departed on meagre terms in 2017… Something there, perhaps? Either way, many fans are happy that Urie is back… with or without a band of sorts.

Finally, we end on some proper good-ol’-days pop-punk from Thrasher-snapback favourites, Neck Deep. Revelled in joyous, energetic and highly addictive pop-punk anthems, Neck Deep have returned laying claim to their fateful throne with STFU. Seemingly unwavered, by Danis’ depature from the drums, its a alter-ego banger straight from the Wishful Thinking days of Neck Deep.

Catch these few in the Spotify playlist of The Rock List below:

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