// BRITS SUPERLOVE are: Jacob Rice & Jonathan Worgan.//

Clean-cut, noise-pop Bristolin superduo, Superlove are brazened in exciting orange-red after their debut announcement of Colours – which is set to be released at the start of April.

Diverting away from the usual run-of-the-mill 12-track listing bubblegum pop record – because that would be nothing other than boring – the debut is set to cover a vast array of music genres from pop to indie to progressive rock. It’ll be interesting to see how that will wash alongside their poppy counterparts – but the forestry of young and exciting artists is springing a new bud it seems! ..I mean, just look at the complexing contrast between the “colour” of poppy pop wanna luv u to the guttural progressive-guitar additions in Save Yourselves.. simply put, this record is going to be inundated with dollops of fun.

While others may see it as a band who are particularly confusing who are not sticking to a formula, I see it as a band who are youthful to their songwriting approach, all the while enjoying what they create resulting in fantastic music to enjoy too. Sometimes we can whack down the boundaries of the expected for the importance of new music, can’t we?

Both the self-titled work of Colours and Save Yourselves are the favourite picks from the record so far.

Similar to that of the Dulux paint range, Colours is set to be fixed with those infectious pop hooks and killer songwriting that have allowed them to amass such a following in such a short amount of time.

Having only being interested to these wonderful two a week prior to this write-up – with me playing their music for the entire weeks’ duration – I am incredulously excited for this one and that release date can’t come quick enough. Save it on your calendars people.

ColoursTrack List: 

  1. 1 (intro)
  2. Save Yourselves
  3. World Of Wonder
  4. Maybe I Could Tell You
  5. wanna luv u
  6. Baby Bird
  7. #639063d
  8. Colours
  9. Bestfriend
  10. The People You’ll Love Forever
  11. Yours
  12. The Most Important Place In The World
  13. If You Could, Would You?

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