The Debut of The Mysterines: Destined for Greatness?


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Critically acclaimed among NME and BBC Introducing, Liverpudlian 4-piece, The Mysterines are out-muscling and out-playing their counterparts in the alternative rock scene with blistering pace.

But with that said, it’s also imperative to understand that neither industries should be in competition with one another but rather, simply share in the nation’s credibility as us Brits get delirious with rock fever.

The Mysterines’ Lia Metcalfe joins the likes of soloists PJ Harvey, K. Flay and collectives Paramore, YONAKA and NOVA TWINS among a powerful roster of British women in rock.

With it, comes both 2021 releases of In My Head and Dangerous, which were strung up and quartered for all to see. These two were the potent flavourings sweetening the deal that will eventually made up the bigger picture with their debut Reeling, that was released just last Friday.

Relieving the days of dirty Puddle of Mudd post-grunge, The Mysterines are fearless, feral and fixated on being the next deserving rock gang, hitting the big time with those golden festival spots.

The youthful, fast anthems of In My Head, Hung Up and frantic-tempo changer The Bad Thing (my favourite, gotta be said) take centre stage while those swampy delights of Reeling and Old Friends/Die Hard opt for the backseat taking inspiration from blues-garage The Black Keys during the tail-end of the album. Which, if anything, make it a far more well-rounded album ticking off the rock checklist in the meantime.

Whilst the pre-singles draw in the audiences, they don’t offer up much for us lyrically. The same can’t be said for the last two singles on the album. Still Call You Home and The Confession Song are embellished songs that ‘reely‘ do real you in with every stretched sentence. With both songs fitting comfortably on a Jack White piece for their clever ambiguity and sensitivity, Reeling does offer up every ounce of rock for any fan.

Just worth a listen for the red and black, really.

2 responses to “The Debut of The Mysterines: Destined for Greatness?”

  1. EclecticMusicLover avatar

    Great review Alex, one of your best-written yet. I’m loving this album and band. And thank you for including the Spotify link so we can easily listen to the album.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Hiya Jeff! Ah thank you for your kind words. Excited for this one – hopefully this gets you in the mood for it too! Thanks for stopping by.

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