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It’s been a hell of a week so far, and so instead of investing some time into a written discussion, I’ve decided to just share with you some of my thoughts today.

I’ve learned the hard way that running a blog upholding producing daily content is not easy work. Not only drawing up inspirational words of wisdom for blog ideas but also investing time in sharing it within your own community and fellow bloggers, it really takes it out of you and before you know it – the morning has gone, your coffee has gone cold and your stomach is rumbling for a sandwich at a 2 ‘o’ clock shadow.

I’ve tried unconditional ways of staying ahead of the game, raising audience awareness, running the numbers – all seem far too difficult to run it constantly for a month straight, say. I’ve even tried to write blogs a week in advance – but that majorly runs you dry with lack of original concepts and ideas for content; especially when I would like to stay within the confines of the music and its industry.

Whilst my writing has gotten quicker and my ideas are spent less time in my head per se, keeping up to date with a daily blog is still a pretty difficult challenge to uphold. I certainly wouldn’t want to reduce its quality for quantity over the day, that’s for sure.

Any perspective thoughts on your own on how to stay ahead of the game and prevent yourself being burnt out on constantly striving for new ideas and challenges, do let me know.

I’ve been thinking about taking a break, but that will break the one promise I made to myself. Go a full year, posting a blog update on every one of those 365 days in the year.

As soon as our lives return to normality and our busy schedules become busy again, it may seem I may have to break that promise to myself sooner than I would like to …

27 responses to “My Blogger Thoughts …”

  1. Blogging must always be fun and enjoyable. Don’t allow blogging to become stressful. One has to assess how much time one has to blog and create an appropriate schedule that one is comfortable with – one or five posts a day, one post or five posts a week etc.. Better to write one quality post than ten mediocre ones. It really is a question of quality over quantity. QUALITY! QUALITY! QUALITY! Don’t worry about the numbers and statistics game. Everything in blogging takes time. Look at other successful bloggers sites and learn from them. It is estimated that, initially, readers only remain for less than a minute and then move on. Trusting you find this of some help. Happy Blogging.

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  2. Blogging is not my job, in that I don’t get paid for it, so I feel no need to produce “content” which competes with other blogs, such as Teen Vogue, or HuffPo, or NYTimes. Because online, all those big websites are competition and, technically, blogs.

    So, I just do what I want. I told myself my blog was going to be fun for me, and if someone else enjoyed it too, then that’s a nice plus. My blog is for my own fun above all! I’ll blog daily for a few weeks then disappear if I need to. I don’t make announcements — nobody is out there checking their time, saying “Oh, it’s Monday at 7:45am, time to check Jari’s blog!” I am not that interesting.

    And yet, people seem to enjoy my blog. I’ve gathered a few readers, made a few friends, and I get pretty good engagement consistently. I also like commenting on other blogs because they are much more personable and enjoyable than other forms of social media.

    So… I avoid burnout by not treating this like a career, and instead having a bit of fun, reading only the blogs I enjoy, and NOT treating myself like an online magazine, “influencer,” or content-producer.

    It’s your slice of the internet– do with it as you want. Why stress out? You don’t have to be Rolling Stone. Just be manvsmusic 😉

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  3. I don’t understand why many bloggers feel they have to post something every single day, no matter what. Sure, I wish I had the energy, time and stamina to post several articles or reviews per day – and I certainly have enough submissions from artists & PR reps to write 15-20 reviews per week – but it’s simply not possible, unless I were retired.

    I find that after a spate of creative output, or after I’ve worked very hard on a review I’m proud of, only to have it receive little engagement, I tend to enter a phase of burnout. That’s what has currently hit me, and I’m finding it hard to get motivated to write anything at all, which then stresses me out because I’m not meeting promised deadlines (for work that pays me zip). What’s the point of doing it if it’s not fun?

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    • Yeah absolutely! As soon as it becomes a chore, there’s a feeling of it not being fun or merely enjoyable anymore. Where a good deserved break is required, I think! As long as I’m enjoying it, I’ll keep trudging on.

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  4. We kinda have the same promise. Though I skip posting sometimes, I want to be active for a year in blogging. We can be busy and find it difficult to give blogging our time of day.

    What I did that helps me is to write the titles that I want to blog about. It can give you some direction when you feel so lost.

    I love reading your blogs. I admire the way you write it. This is one reason I want to write more. To improve my writing skills too.

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    • Yeah you’re spot on, it’s all about improving yourself and proving to yourself as well. Yeah, that’s great advice, finding headliners first and then writing up later, it’s always good to get the mind working on ideas as soon as possible. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this one, my friend, greatly appreciated!


  5. Definitely agree with all of the above suggestions and insights from other bloggers. Just have fun with it and don’t let it become a chore. You do this by only writing about what interests you, and others who are like minded will naturally find you, if you tag your posts accordingly. If you write for your own enjoyment you will never get bored of it. That’s been the recipe for me for the past ten years and posting 3 times per week. Good luck my friend xx

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