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G’morning folks. I hope all is well – we have another conversation starter with you today – what’s your favourite band? The controversial, the favourites, or the questionable; it does not matter, no one is judging you here with your favourite music bands. Let me know!

For me, I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to just one band. I would have to say some of my favourites worthy in the collection would be St.Albans Alt-rockers Enter Shikari, artsy-jazzy Jamie Cullum and of course, it’s got to be the best rock band in the world – Queen. Tell me otherwise if you don’t agree …

20 responses to “MY Favourite Band is…”

  1. Queen is one of those bands that I don’t like, but I can see the talent and why other people love them. Just not my cup of tea. So… I *sort of* disagree?

    I don’t think I have a favorite at the moment. I like various K-pop bands. But if I had to pick what band I enjoy most songs out of, it might end up being old-school Radiohead or Better Than Ezra ✌️

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    • You can’t go wrong with Radiohead, you’re right! Love ‘em. I can’t say that your words didn’t hurt about Queen but .. you’re not the only one, so I can’t be too hurt haha! By all means, thank you for stopping by!

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      • Yeah haha maybe! That might be best; although I wouldn’t say they’re my “ultimate” favourite but again, can understand why they’re so loved. I am a huge fan of Dave Grohl, though.

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  2. It’s awfully hard to choose a favorite band. That said, my all-time favorite would likely be the Beatles, followed by the Rolling Stones, Tears For Fears, Green Day, Coldplay, Muse, Cage the Elephant, Incubus, Foster the People, Tame Impala and twenty one pilots.

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    • Oh what an eclectic mix that is, I like it! I do love Incubus, they’re a little funk gem of mine. I love Muse and Coldplay too, two big powerhouses for UK music and it’s wonderful to see. The rest go without saying; hopefully the new ones coming up into today’s scene will soon become our favourites one day, too!

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  3. Oh, gawd. Don’t get me started, I’ll be here all night! I wonder if I have a favourite band? RnR being such a capricious mistress *swoon*
    Hmm… I love certain periods of certain bands or certain albums. There’s no order here, but… The Stones between 69-72 are pretty much untouchable. Lou Reed’s Take No Prisoners is a solid catch-all of the rock n roll animal at his best (also being perhaps the greatest live album). Dylan’s Highway/Blood episodes rule. Patti Smith’s Horses is still my favourite debut. The Clash (1st and the overblown 2nd and the singles from around then – The Black Market ep and White Man…etc. Sartorially, they are pretty darn cool, too). The first Killing Joke album, Joni Mitchell (Blue and Ladies of The Canyon), The Stooges’ Raw Power, Augustus Pablo’s King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown is a go-to at Reeves Mansions – I just love the ‘space’ in it. Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation, My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless. For about 5 minutes last year Black Country New Roads were ace. Then (like everyone I guess) I have my favourites who I just sorta admire for their hard work…Guided By Voices, The Fall and Lambchop.

    I think Stephen Malkmus is one of my favourite artists.
    Oh, damn it! Bowie, most of the time, was the Picasso of RnR! x

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    • Haha I love rock n roll being noted as a “capricious mistress.” Love that. Love the list too, Nick. It’s a shame we’ll probably see such a dominant force in RnR now but still, amazing to reminisce on the greats. Anything from The Clash I’m a fan of, iconic punk that sweeped the nation (much better than Pistols counterparts IMO.) ahh yes The Stooges! I haven’t listened to their collection in a while, I should really give them a whirl again.

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    • FYI, I’m naming all my rock playlists as capricious mistresses now on so thank you for THAT and thank you for your words, I’ll be making sure to keep some a dive through.

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  4. I absolutely agree with you on Queen. They’re incredibly talented, All of them! I could go on for ages about my music list! Now you’ll have me thinking about it but I love to think about music so, thank you ☺️🎶

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    • Nice – cannot go wrong with Coldplay – trendsetters of UK music. Shame about their stigma they receive, but they’re iconic impact and amazing live shows are something to witness! Thanks for stopping by, Jo.


    • Worthy favourite band, that’s for sure! Floyd were – and still are – an iconic psychedelic band to this date. Their catalogue is often overlooked or overshadowed compared to their counterparts in the same era. Thanks for sharing your words!

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  5. It’s just impossible to name a favourite band. Back before I sold my 1500 + record collection and moved into a life of digital nomadcy, I could’ve maybe pinned it down to the top 20 artists I most regularly found myself dipping into. Put a gun to my head though and I’d probably go for something predictable like The Beatles. It’s hard for anyone to eclipse what they achieved musically and their impact on popular culture.

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    • Yeah no you’re spot on – even compiling a list of bands you like is hard; never mind having the desire or energy to whittle it down to just one. Still, it’s always worth the thought to see if you truly have one that stands out in front, even if it just gets you the chance to listen to all your faves again hahah! Many thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, my friend! Much appreciated 🗣✔️💭

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