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Text Me When You’re Home Safe.

As heartwarming as gin among frost, benign songwriter Eden Rain draws in on Being Human in the best ways possible. Leeds-born artist portrays the very best in up-and-coming artistry with her urban chill landscaping perfect for those detoxing moments before those caffeinated Mondays start.

Having only released five songs since the start of 2021, Rain is one of those artists who has risen mightily high already through a time where uncertainty was rife. Despite the shortfalls the industry has faced during this time, it has brought ample amounts of opportunity for able-minded musicians to share their sweet stories of songwriting and through the lack of months Rain has been creating music, she has amassed a respectable 9,000 avid audiophiles who keep coming back month-by-month. The real telling will be if Rain can keep up with her own momentum she is creating for herself. Incessant social media presence, music conformity and consistent single releases is paramount in an industry where the emphasis is really migrating to that of the artist, their bedroom set up … and nothing else.

Drawing influence from that of eclectic beauty, Arlo Parks – I’d recommend to stick with this one to see if she can meet the same city heights as Parks herself. Certainly one to watch.

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