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Best of Rock & Alt Albums of 2021

As we venture into February, with music moments of 2022 picking up traction as we enter into the plethora of Spring, we take a look at some of the best albums in the rock world.

Here’s some of the best picks:


CRAWLER: IDLES.. You needn’t say much more when it comes to IDLES. Simply put their idiosyncratic ideals, their punk ethos and etiquette all speak for themselves. Beautifully pure but equally as erratic getting across their political and social changes, it’s a splitting image of music and society working alongside another in perfect {or imperfect} harmony.

SEVENTEEN GOING UNDER: SAM FENDER.. A favourite of mine, I have fallen head over heels for Geordie songwriter for his compelling and real lyricism that have brought about another to the roster of UK soloists. Spit of You and Seventeen Going Under just show that he’s getting better and better with each release.



GLOW ON: TURNSTILE… A fab favourite among many, TURNSTILE turned over a new page for them – and brought about the biggest cult-following with an amassed rock craze bringing about sold-out tours worldwide. GLOW ON is simply rock at it’s best.

VAN WEEZER: WEEZER… A surprise entry in this list, Weezer’s thirteenth studio album empowers rock-heavy guitars and arena anthems.


6 replies on “Best of Rock & Alt Albums of 2021”

I can’t pick a number one, so here is my top ten, in no particular order.

Crazy Lixx – Street Lethal
Smith/Kotzen – S/T
War on Drugs – I don’t live here anymore
Island – Yesterday Park
Damn Truth – Now or Nowhere
Black Veil Brides – The Phantom Tomorrow
Eclipse – Wired
Dirty Honey – S/T
Mammoth WVH – S/T
Royal Blood – Typhoons

Oops, forgot about the Snuts’ W.L.. There you go, top eleven!

It was a great year for reissues too. All in all, 2021 rocked in terms of good music.

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Yeah it really did! Amongst a year of lockdown, we were blessed with some great music hidden away from all those socially-distanced studios. I love your list, albeit a little bit more than mine!


I somehow forgot about Van Weezer. They continue to put out good stuff after all these years.

I suspect, and I hope, that when “this” is somewhat done, bands will go back to writing 80s style party anthems until we’re all partied out, or we run out of Greek letters.

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Haha that’s a fantastic quip. Yeah, that’s certainly true. Nostalgia sells – whether that it’s in our clothing, our food or our music. The revival of many long-lost genres are a simple telling of that. With that said, I may very well want to whack on “Van Weezer” now..


Yeah I’ve become one of those fond fans with Sam Fender. An underrated singer-songwriter of our generation, for sure. Of course, there’s something fantastic with Two Feet. Another artist with nothing but praise for them.

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