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Song of the Day: Pacific Avenue’s Something Good

Drawn from their 2019 debut EP, Strawberry Skies, it emphasises our love of summer, traditional holidays in the sun, and taking life one relaxing day at a time.

The Australian 4-piece brings fantastic contemporary indie flavours and blends of timeless rock that stays fresh in the sunlight. “Something Good” is the epitome of their work so far, as it demonstrates their knack of rock calling and have become one of the best emerging talents in the Aussie country.

Plenty to bring too, with their recent flurry of excitement, Easy Love – which is another timeless indie summer classic.

You could very well argue how oversaturated we are already with summer indie tunes. But, there’s definitely a reason as to why there’s so many compilations abound.

We simply can’t get enough of ‘em.

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Music: Prove Your Worth

In a time where we see and learn thousands of musicians, there comes a time when we prove our worth. And how do we do that? A new song, a new EP collaboration? A new social media crave to jump on board with? Or is it merely a sit down and a talk with our ever-growing fan base?

In a world where attention and opportunity is everything in an online world, it’s time for our musicians to prove their worth.

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We edge closer to live music ..

As the sun peaks in the highest point in the sky, communities resume normal routines and we’re investing in entertainment in the Arts, we’re slowly edging that bit closer to the concept of live music. With festivals planned to go ahead in the back end of August and with tours booked in Autumn of 2021 – not to mention the Download Pilot coming up in June/July – it’s so close!

Anyone got any plans when we return to normality with live concerts and gigs?

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Let’s Talk: What’s on your mind?

Whilst we talk about the magic of the music industry, it’s also important to dwell on other circumstances that are brought up in the daily routines of our lives. So whether it’s positive or negative thoughts, what’s on your mind right now?

I’m intrigued to find how where people are in the world and how they’re coping. Let’s get a lovely discussion flowing and we’ll show each other the amazing support that we all deserve!

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Thoughts on Olivia Rodrigo?

I’ve heard a mix bag from this dazzling actress-turned musician that is taking the charts by storm with her debut album, SOUR. With these soon-to-be global superstars rising with ferocity, what do you think to Rodrigo’s music? Taste of something different that we like – or heartbreak drivel we’ve heard before?

Either way, let me know your thoughts. If it’s positive enough, I may very well do an album review on SOUR itself.