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Muse’s Return to the Realm of Simulating Black Holes: “Won’t Stand Down”

In a return after a 3-year hiatus from 2018’s Simulation Theory, Bellamy and co are back with dark and dominant passenger of Won’t Stand Down. Facing adversity with strength, it’s a call-to-arms against all the bullies in life and really sets the boundaries in the direction of where Muse are set to go with their ninth album – yet declared or confirmed as of yet. You can view it below:

Let me know your thoughts … !

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The Weeknd: Dawn FM – Album Review

NEW TO 2022: After clutching all the headlines with his much-lauded 2020 album ofAfter Hours,” Abel Tesfaye stepped into something new and something of reflective prowess. Cleary, Tesfaye simply knows no bounds in terms of exploration, as his fifth album takes off with any pre-warning safety announcements. Harnessed in to a fictional radio station that goes by the name of 103.5 Dawn FM – with Tesfaye’s apt-neighbour Jim Carrey narrating along the way – the album swoons and careens into the plethora of dark and cool Depeche dark-synth pop.

Unlike the tensive, illustrative work of After Hours that somehow puts up a front throughout, Dawn FM is a mature new approach to resolving past mistakes and stepping out from the shadows as a better person.

Accepting fate rather than denying plausibility is a encouraging tact here through the telling of Dawn FM

God knows life is chaos but he made one thing true: you gotta unwind your mind, train your soul to align and dance til you find that divine boogaloo. In other words: you gotta be heaven to see heaven. May peace be with you.”

… after all, it is always darkest before dawn. And after dawn, comes a new day.

Familiars feature the poignant, self-reflective Out of Time, the janky guitar-flex of Sacrifice and the incessant bass jabs of Best Friends to the trap drum machine overruse of Don’t Breaky My Heart, the album suffers somewhat in depth as it does in musicality. But it is an ultimatum of sorts – it is one we must get pass through ourselves.

Reflective of his journey, has The Weeknd finally found peace within himself?

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Brit Awards 2022: Should gender categories be scrapped?

Let’s talk.

With the recent work of the Brit Awards bringing about new change with nominees, hosts and artists … they also see gender categories being scrapped in next years’ global industry awards show that is set to take place in February.

After Sam Smith came out as non-binary in 2019, the discussions of commercial music awards have been re-hauled and flipped as we see gender-neutral categories take a debut stand, in an effort to simply not see women being overlooked in an industry ripen with male domination through every sector. The first nominations under this new category-regime actually sees the most female nominees in the decade with the power of music heroines rising again in our industry.

But with many seeing this typically “woke” and absurd to the standard rules of society as we see fit, many see it in a step in the right direction for a changing world in how we see each other … and how we see ourselves. Although it may cause initial confusion and possible idiocy among something we don’t understand, I believe this is just a case of “no harm, no foul”especially if it comes off as music artists feeling more comfortable in an industry that does every effort to do the exact opposite.

But, should the gender categories be scrapped? Seeing a THEM category as opposed to MEN and FEMALE categories that is formidably more accurate, are we just not ready [or accepting of it] yet?

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Live Music Roars Back in Action as Revenues Soar

Live Nation reaped the benefits of live music returning to our lives by soaring to a $2.7bn in the third quarter by the end of September.

As 2021 rose to certain numbers as we saw in 2019, Live Nation saw a return of 17 million fans attending Live Nation shows across Q3.

Amongst the relief funds of cancellations, the disappointment of live music not being revitalised – as other sectors that the Government saw fit in doing – it’s nice to see such empowering numbers returning to a once broken and disheveled industry. With many tours and concerts deferred until next year entirely, we’re hoping to see more of the same – maybe more – in the year of 2022!

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New Music Friday: What are you playing at the weekend?

As another Friday rolls around, we enter the spooky season of Halloween this weekend. So, let’s delve into some of the new releases for October 29th, and get an idea what new songs may be playing alongside your Halloween playlists this Sunday.

‘My bad habits will lead to wearing this hideous costume … ‘


Eddy’s Return equals equals: This Friday, sees the return of Sheeran’s songwriting with his latest release, =. Following the quirky, unadulterated format of adhering to a mathematician’s dream, = follows his last release which was all the way back in 2017. Seeing a different side to life by taking up fatherhood during this time, Sheeran is embarking on yet another eclipse into a life he loves. Worldwide tours sharing worldwide love, Ed Sheeran will no doubt feature pre-single favourites of Bad Habits and Shivers.

Komeback of Kasbian: ALYGATYR: Kasabian share their first new bits of material following the departure of Tom Meighan. The sceptics amongst the fans of the Leicester band wondered what would happen after those abusive allegations first appeared, with many hedging their bets that the band would all but collapse in on itself. But lo and behold, driving creating force and lead guitarist behind Kasabian has rose to the challenge. Batting of combatants of change, Sergio has trailblazed his way to a fantastic arching story of a frontman. Of course, it is not Pizzorno’s first time as a leading frontman in a band – he also shares the same spotlight role with his super-immersive project of The S.L.P. With a homecoming show in Leicester and a fanatic single seemingly taken straight off the B-sides of 48:13, it’s like anything has rarely changed at all.

Biffy Clyro’s SURPRISETRICK OR TREAT?: Adorning to the fans of the Kilmarnock-rockers, they managed to release two studio albums in the space of little over 12 months. Sharing the same idealisms as A Celebration of Endings that was released post-lockdown, The Myth of The Happily Ever After is a special side-project of classic Biffy works that would have more likely been discarded, never to be consumed by ears again. Emblazoned with Unknown Male 01 and A Hunger In Your Haunt, it is a delicious treat for us to enjoy. Just in time for those past curfew during Halloween, too!

Leading the Way in Indie … Death Cab For Cutie and The War on Drugs: The War on Drugs third album comes with I Don’t Live Here Anymore, a splintered rock ‘n’ roll album of character. The next chapter from A Deeper Understanding … we’re going deeper still and we’re gonna need a bigger boat. With a new week abound with anniversary releases, Death Cab For Cutie joins the list with releasing a 20th Anniversay Edition of The Photo Album. Although no new music from the sensitive bitter-sweet drive from DCFC, it is a tasteful reminder of some of their best works to date … and a somewhat harrowing reminder how long they’ve been creating music for.