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Music Minds Matter: Help Musicians Launch New Mental Health Platform

//We’re thinking about the future, and we need you too.\\ Our deteriorating mental health and post-lockdown pressure when it came to functioning within a non-functioning music industry was no old news. The pandemic festered up thoughts that we never thought would come into our daily livelihoods. In support of Mental Awareness Week, a new website […]

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\\ Queues right around the block for the boldest and best vinyls on the day. // On the 23rd of April, we all experienced one of our favourite moments again – Record Store Day 2022. Celebrating their 15th anniversary with record shop exclusives, live music showcases, artist meet-and-greets and considerable vinyl prices shaved off across […]

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Giacchino’s Magic: The Power of Music in “The Batman”

Reboots among superhero franchises always come thick and fast among an equally blustering industry hungry for the next exciting moment for the fans to gawk at. But Reeves’ dreary portrayal of the world of Batman is its most chilling to date. Wishing for darker and darker still, droll, bleary Gotham is the setting. A dilapidated, […]

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Russia and PRS: How Does it Affect our Music Industry?

Now, as many of you know, I don’t often divert my blog into political tangents of awkward silences and hot topics I don’t really understand but when it starts hitting home with similar associates to where you work in the industry, you can’t really avoid the devastating news that we’re going through right now with […]

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Black Country, New Road: “Ants From Up Here” – Album Review

The bands’ name originally derived from that of a random Wikipedia generator, but their music is anything but thrown together. Ever since BC, NR arrived in the Brixton, Windmill scene in 2019, their post-rock soundscapes of inflected jazz shook the UK to its core. Unprecedented work of beautifully designed pieces of modern music, it is […]