Here we are, we are picking up some momentum now. Enter the fold for the eleventh week of the Hidden Gems series. By all means, venture into last weeks’ Hidden Gems with the tenth instalment below, where we entered double figures for this series.

The Strangers Club

Despite their residency name, the band are certainly no strangers to writing a collection of songs that are equally impressive lyrically and melodically. Where other bands have remained dormant throughout this time, The Strangers Club have capitalised on their time, and are not only continuing their songwriting process with feel-good Suede – with many more releases to come in 2021 – but are continuing their dominance in the live world when we return, landing them a top spot at Barcode Festival supporting glossy-indie favourites Bastille.

Model Family

Previously known as another alias as The Shoals, model family have certainly been busy behind the curtain developing a whole new fresh take on a vast array of influences. Bordering on the line of natural post-punk, with the classics of hard-hitting rock, they have proven themselves to be a jack of all trades and have been taken a liking amid fans across every aspect of genres – and rightly so. Their most recent EP, Are We Calling This Art? is just a glimpse into what elements that this band can bring us.

Pensacola Mist

Synth-pop sleuths Pensacola Mist are among those to venture into the unknown world of synth-wave, 80s alternative pop – and come out alive and well the other side. Strong, progressive and trend-setters of the retro, the duo have explored depths to their sounds in unimaginable ways, delving into synergies of 80s romantics and bitter-sweet nostalgia. Some go as far to call it the perfect soundtrack to the modern Neon City.


With tongues as sharp as their wit, raucous garage-punk bundle, PLAY DEAD, are lashing down on us with their dirty take of our favourite hell-bent genre of breaking-shit-in-the-parking-lot. With three singles that are just as fitting and cutting as the genre they reside in, they have been championed by artistry alike, and undoubtedly earned their place on BBC airwaves. Daring to go all the way, they are set to release their eponymous debut, “Skint” on the 26th of March.

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