Welcome back. We’re into the DOUBLE FIGURES, boys and girls. Thanks to those that have shared and supported this series so far, it means a lot. Of course, catch Week 9 below before you embark on your four artists before the weekend.

Near Mrs


With the inability to stand still when listening to their music, Near Mrs are bringing new funky flavours to the world of explosive indie shower sing-a-longs. With a reputable collection behind them already, the five-jive piece from Nottingham are planning on keeping up momentum with their latest, Wishful Thinking. A song that does not deserve just one casual listen, Wishful Thinking gives the boys a compelling and rich return to the world of music, and plants their feet firmly on the ground of competent songwriters. If they make their songs end the way this one does (that final minute is epic), they’ll soon make a habit out of producing such appetising anthems for the future.

San Francisco

If I told you that San Francisco was just a solo project, you’d pack up and run to the The Golden City yourself. Although hailing a little east from San Francisco, originally from the north of England, San Francisco’s ( Iwan Grant) music borders on the line of this charm and charismatic element that would fit so comfortably on the beaches of the Californian city regardless. It is certainly an element that is so void in the alt/indie-rock segments of the industry at the moment. Emphatic, rich and with *those damn catchy hooks*, Grant’s most recent release, (Not) Sentimental provokes the reminiscing thoughts of spending the night with someone so fondly, instead of merely wishing for more. Before he knows it, Grant will soon see his music propel him forwards and solidify his place – rightly so.


Simply chaotic and raucous in cutting-edge rock fashion, three-piece Region are set to return to where they kicked things off with single, idkwhyidkwhere. Not shying away from formalities, the band return with more tact and angst than ever before compared to their eponymous debut single of Irresistible. Dark, electrifying and simply well put together production-wise, you can catch them back to what they’re best at on the 20th. Get ready, because it’ll be here before you know it.

Faith in Casinos

Tinkering on the verge of prog/rock material, empowering 4-piece, Faith in Casinos twist and contort us through a series of impressive and emotive melodies and harmonies that enrich our earbuds ever more so. Deep in the shire of Lincoln, Faith in Casinos are out to set themselves as the standard in progressive rock, and spark up the local scene along the way. Their recent release, Signals is nothing short of a mighty feat. In a world of predicability and familiarity with music, this is simply nothing of the sort with unexpected turns as every minute passes.

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