As we bow out of June – waving goodbye to the first month of the summer for live music – we welcome July to the fold. With that, brings a whole new cacophony of new music to dabble into over the weekend

Shinedown: It All Adds Up, it’s new music!

After 4 years from their blaring yellow-tape panic-room work ATTENTION ATTENTION, the multi-platinum band are back with Planet Zero, drawing similar themes from apocalyptic hope (or lack thereof), it features a stellar 20-track rundown of self-titled Planet Zero, Daylight and The Saints of Violence and Innuendo. Whether that list is full of concurrent bangers or lacklustre fillers, is down to you.

Will this result in a Europe tour in 2023 – possible Download headliner spot for the summer too?

Paolo’s Back!: Last Night in the Bittersweet

That’s right. After 8 long years from his emotionally beautiful Caustic Love in 2014, Paolo Nutini returns. As if he never left, Nutuni charges full throttle with heartfelt meaning. As best described in his own words: Last Night In The Bittersweet is an album of reframed experiences and rewired iconography, where the lurid colours of a neon motel sign or a snatch of dialogue from a movie can mean as much as a heartfelt plea or wrenching goodbye.

More details to come with its own full-length album review.

Blur & Bones: Imagine Dragons 32-track collection

Plucked from the archives seemingly ladled in rich brazen-burgundy cases, Imagine Dragons complete the set with Acts 1 & 2. It has all previous singles and new delights to sink your teeth into.. from Sharks to Bones and I Don’t Like Myself. The collection is made up of 32 songs – with 12 drawn up from the first act and 19 from the second. No doubt littered with melodies drawn up from lost lockdown recordings and B-sides, it brings new exciting storytelling to the world of Imagine Dragons.

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    Rocking Specter

    We have not checked this album yet, but it is definitely on our radar. Also, check out Rocking Specter to see our most recent posts. Thank you for sharing this!

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