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Song of the Day: Pacific Avenue’s Something Good

Drawn from their 2019 debut EP, Strawberry Skies, it emphasises our love of summer, traditional holidays in the sun, and taking life one relaxing day at a time.

The Australian 4-piece brings fantastic contemporary indie flavours and blends of timeless rock that stays fresh in the sunlight. “Something Good” is the epitome of their work so far, as it demonstrates their knack of rock calling and have become one of the best emerging talents in the Aussie country.

Plenty to bring too, with their recent flurry of excitement, Easy Love – which is another timeless indie summer classic.

You could very well argue how oversaturated we are already with summer indie tunes. But, there’s definitely a reason as to why there’s so many compilations abound.

We simply can’t get enough of ‘em.

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Let’s talk: What song provokes a memory? Any memory, big or small! I’d love to know…

Music and memories is the interwoven quilt of our mind. Do you ever just hear a snippet of a song and it just sends you right back to a moment? For instance, hearing “The Killers, Somebody Told Me,” plummets me right back to being in the passenger seat of my parents car, on the way through the Lancashire hills before we embarked upon Pendle Hill on a freezing cold Autumn’s day.

My question to you lovely folks is … what’s your song and what’s the memory!

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Quote of the Day: What is Music to you?

“If anything at all, music is the soundtrack of your life. Music are those memories that stay with you within the verses. Simply put, the only truth in it all is the music. You can’t lie with music – it’s all there, laid out for all to see. Music is a unity for us all to embrace.

A hundred people can relate to a song a million different ways – and we can all still sing it and relate to one another. Whether that be one’s living room or in a summers’ field, music joins us together and makes us whole.

Down for a cry? Down for a laugh? Stick some of your faves and go either way with it.”

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Zimmer’s Magic: The Power of Music in ‘The Dark Knight’

Watching Dark Knight for the tenth time this week with Hans Zimmer’s incredulous soundtrack leading the show … was the reason for this write-up today.

Powerful, raw and simply emphatic, the film score is simple in design, but truly effective when put together with Nolan’s trilogy epic.

With this one, is it any wonder that Zimmer has been honoured an Academy Award, two Golden Globes, three Grammy’s, an American Music Award and a Tony Award? Which, for the Dark Knight, he won two for.

I think the caption within the vinyl sleeve says it best, don’t you?



“…Zimmer’s extraordinary vision for these scores set the bench mark for comic book hero soundtracks thereafter,

defining the genre.

The imitable rhythmic tension in the music is matched by equally dramatic melodies, and this Main Theme, embellished here by Lindsey Stirling’s violin work, brings new life to this extraordinary score.”


I think it also gives us the true identity of any film, providing us with little elements of context of what and when to feel throughout. Music without film, would be Italy without pasta. It is impossible to imagine without – and Zimmer’s soundtrack is a true superhero soundtrack. Bold, brash and dark. The perfect trio of words to describe the caped crusader, too while we’re at it.

This is possibly why this trilogy is one of the greatest superhero trilogies of all time, and has been since. It is also why that it is one of the most talked about trilogy to date, despite the first instalment being released in ’05. And it’s not just about its music.

Stellar casting, stunning choreography, a heroic story, and an incomprehensible performance from Ledger’s Joker – that no-one saw coming – the Dark Knight is the perfect super-story.

What a film. What. a. film.