Apologies for the lack of music-munching content over the past couple of days, we’ve been rushed off our feet sorting out our house move!

Excitement aside, I think we’re all finished packing in and so I’ll be sure to get back on with more industry talks, reviews and discussions later today this week:

Paolo’s new tunes: I’ve been having his latest efforts on repeat over the last few days and so will be thrilled to jump head first into a review for it. 05/07/2022.

Are our musicians losing their craft for marketing pawns? A heavily weighted topic in the recent light of Instagram and TikTok reels becoming an imperative use of a musicians’ time to generate trends and new audiences for new music. 06/07/2022.

SHINEDOWN’s return to rock: A momentous occasion for all metal heads, Shinedown cause a storm with their PLANET ZERO album that was released last Friday. 07/07/2022.

Stay tuned! It’s going to be a blinder of a week.

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