Evening, folks. I thought I would jump on here and share my thoughts with you.

Following from my album review yesterday about The Vaccines’ recent bout of retro cities with Back In Love City, I’ve played it non stop.

Not only have I invested my time into these indie favourites, but I’ve actually invested time in their past albums which I’ve managed to missed or not invested a lot of time into. Trawling through an artists’ past work all the while going back to their recent work is a fantastic way of seeing the artists’ journey through song writing but it also allows the artist to stay relevant and in our minds – all the while benefiting from the influx of listeners, tribes of music purchases and avid watchers of their next leg of tour.

It really shows the power of staying relevant and fresh by creating new music. Especially if that new music is fantastically inventive and ultimately reinvents the artist wheel of their music. It keeps you around for longer!

I’d love for anyone to put me in my place with snarky comments like, “oh well this is why they do it..” and “it’s common knowledge about new music..” but I’d just thought I would share my recent thoughts with you!

Thanks folks.

By the way, The Vaccines are touring in the spring next year across the UK (in case you wondering)!!

2 responses to “The Power of A New Album”

  1. Andrew avatar

    Vaccines have a new album? Awesome. I have What did you expect, Come of age, and English graffiti. They’re full of catchy 2 minute songs.

    Once I started buying music as a kid (in the 80s), I’d find a cassette in the store. If I liked it, I’d get the band’s back catalogue. I hadn’t heard a single note off those other albums, but I bought them anyway.

    People need to keep an open mind when it comes to new music from a band they like. We’re so quick to judge an album based on a hot debut. How soon we forget that bands can get better, not worse. There are lots of bands out there whose second album is better than the first. For me, Bloc Party is a great example. I’ll take Weekend in the City over Silent Alarm any day of the week, and twice on Sunday!

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah, you’re spot on. There is a real stigma with bands that they release only their best work in their debut but that’s simply not true in most cases. They simply develop their sounds, styles into something better. Love Bloc Party. Whole catalogue is consistently strong throughout, for sure.


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