The Vaccines – “Back in Love City” Album Review


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“If I push any more buttons, I’ll delete ya.”

Set against a fictional metropolis, “Back in Love City” is the visceral Vaccines next eclectic work of catchy emphatics that run riot with the prospect of being in the same interstellar space as their debut – way back in 2011.

With 2018’s Combat in Sports seemingly missing the mark with their hard-fledging fans, they had something to prove with their fifth album instalment. Much like a concept album of those Los Angeles city lights and those futuristic hotels in Tokyo, Back in Love City is another anthemic indie combustion that retells the band’s fascination and romanticism of America.

Back in Love City, Alone Star and Jump off the Top are true Vaccine classico-romantics, whilst Paranormal Romance has a certain western vibe to it, lassoing in and out of a dusty-land fairytale. El Paso has – you guessed it – tressilo Spanish rhythms that again, reveals the nature of being in your own designated world.

The lead single, Headphones Baby is the telling of exactly that. {I wanna live inside your headphones, baby/I wanna live inside a world, wherever you are.} Bringing the sparkle of an dystopian future with nothing but electronics to keep us powered, it is not only a fresh telling of band who have still got a knack for writing great songs, but its inventiveness and ethereal thought-prowess throughout demonstrates that this band are nowhere near past their prime yet. Even after 11 years.

2 responses to “The Vaccines – “Back in Love City” Album Review”

  1. Andrew avatar

    Thanks for letting me know about this album. I got it yesterday. The songs are definitely catchy.

    Sadly, I think UK releases don’t get announced in Canada unless it’s something crazy popular. The Adele album is already on pre-order here. She is a special talent, but I wish I could hear about the Vaccines, the Darkness, and other cool bands too.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah! You’re right – I think it’s only if they have the scope and potential of scouring their international fans when you’ll probably hear about it. Nonetheless, this is the power of music blogs! Forever enhancing your knowledge of our UK music scene.


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