Here we are again, folks. The twelfth week of Hidden Gems. With four more up and coming artists to add to the collection – be sure to have these on your music radar in the coming week for more releases – and more music.

Catch up on last week’s collective, too.

Edited People

Transpired with the tranquility of lo-fi hip-hop beats, emphatic Edited People are set to reach the industry headlines with their outreach of a music deliverance I’m calling “haunted pop.” Creating diversity with every beat, they have begun to explore new terrority and reach new depths to their sound. Kicking off the year with Dream Chaser followed by It’s Always Been You, they are set to trail-blaze on all festival fronts when they hopefully return during the summer of hope in 2021.

After sifting through their collection, the four-piece make it look far too easy creating work that sticks in your noggin’ the whole day. It is somewhat annoying and inspirational at the same time. Nice work, folks!

Pizza Crunch

Telling us outright, Pizza Crunch are an electric mix of suave, class and style that presents itself in unfamiliar situations to ourselves. Deemed as nothing but essential listening, the Glaswegian four piece don’t restrain themselves into one single genre, but rather, cover the basis of many, so is simply enjoyed by many. Sprinkled with The Vaccines‘ Justin Young’s wry vocals and the arse-rearing of The Libertines, Pizza Crunch are one to watch out for. Especially now, as we may potentially get the chance to see them live this Summer…


The three lads from Sheffield comprised of Andrew, Gabe and Joe – who make up the feats of BrunchBox – have deemed it nothing else as a passion project. But don’t be fooled. The fruits of their labour are emphatically shown throughout their collection of carefree – and simply beautiful – tales of fleeting youth that is the soothing medicine to anyone who is feeling remotely alone during this period.

After reuniting from their uni hiatus, they decided to drop everything else and have another crack at doing what they loved – and frankly, missed out on. Flyover and Dreaming are the perfect comeback songs ending their distance from one another, and with another release on the way, it is unlikely they’ll stop anytime soon. In the same ball-park of a Circa Waves banger, Palace is set to release in the early days of March on the 5th, it’s summer splendour will resonate with everyone’s desire to return to that much-loved and missed festival atmosphere yet again. With Boris’s recent plan to returning back to normality, hopefully we can see them perform the song live itself within the Summer of Hope this year. We’ll see you there, eh?

The A.V. Club

Falling well within the bracket of modern indie-pop, eclectic four-piece The A.V. Club have gone the extra mile, and stepped out amongst the crowd. Their usual blend of modern indie-pop is infused with refining synth patterns that are scattered throughout, which has no doubt brought defining success to the band since they embarked in 2018. Their eponymous EP, Youthful Illusions, set the benchmark for the band, solidified their place and allowed them to rise higher in the listings.

The successive follow-ups of Real Love and Over U were no different. The new material allowed them to relax, fully aware and comfortable of the sounds they were willing to make. The tidal of The A.V. Club will soon enter your ear nodules and they’ll ask for only one thing – do you wish to join the club, too? Expect their next single in more than then days with Mistakes.

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