I first stumbled upon this Kentucky collective a little over a month ago – merely keeping up with appearances when it comes to those outpouring in alternative rock it seems – when synth-heavy Cautious first bled into my ears within a mixed playlist of sorts.

First engrossed into thinking this was an incredible adaptation of Netflix’s Stranger Things, ..it soon turned out to be a band I couldn’t put down.

A mix bag, Emarosa don’t really have a signified genre to slot them under. Rather, they see themselves as an “alternative rock post-hardcore pop rock,” which pretty much covers a whole spectrum all on it’s own. Over time, they have harnessed their sound and embellished works of certain post-hardcore and works of certain pop rock. This rings true when it comes to their album catalogue. Their 2008 Relativity firmly sidles into the former, while their most recent 2019 season of Peach Club careens into the latter.

While their journey hasn’t been the most straight-forward, with them going through the catalogue of leading front men in the Kentucky district area, it is a thankful tale to see that they are still going stronger (perhaps more so?) than ever before.

Whether or not they wanted to fester more of a mainstream vote or just wanted to incorporate an array of future electronica-orchestra content, will perhaps always just stick with the band and their interests. It’s certainly safe to say that 2007’s This Is Your Way Out – which is similar to that of Shikari’s Common Dreads – and Peach Club are a far cry from another…

But what we can do is appreciate the offer of many alternatives to one group.

From Don’t Cry to Wait, Stay, the album of Peach Club offers citizens advice and anecdotes to staying true and humble to yourself.

Holding itself upright with a soundtrack of uplifting hope, it is a compelling album that I’ve often enjoyed either settling down for the night or waking up with the birds in the morning.

As we enter 2022, with Emarosa currently recording their new seventh studio album, what direction of Emarosa will they go with this time around?


2 responses to “Artist of the Week: Emarosa”

  1. Andrew avatar

    Interesting. I’ll give them a listen. I’m still going through the Wombats recommendation. Let’s dance to Joy Division is catchy. The lyrics are pretty good too. The Fix Yourself album is good.


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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah, it’s quality. It’s growing on me more so with every passing week.


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